The following points are designed to help you get the most out of your FREE, 60 MINUTE consultation.


• The consultation is free to you, so please make sure you’re on time.
• Your block is scheduled for you and the time allotted will be the time we have to work with.
• The consultation is offered one time at no charge.
• Your consultation will be confirmed two (2) days prior.
• If an emergency arises and you cannot keep your appointment, please notify me immediately.


Your consultation is:
• An opportunity for us to become familiar with each other to determine if we mutually wish to pursue a coaching relationship

• A chance for me to gain an understanding of your background, your primary areas of focus and to discuss your goals and aspirations

• A casual, relaxed way for us to meet each other. If you are receiving personal coaching, then we’re going to get personal and we must ensure that we’re both comfortable with that.

What happens after we decide to work together?

Upon determining that we wish to pursue a coaching relationship, the first coaching session is scheduled.

When do I remit my first payment for Coaching?

For individual clients receiving personal coaching, payment is required to commence coaching, so you should be prepared to put at least an hour of time on your account during the consultation. The monies given during the consultation secure the scheduling of your future coaching session. In the event that you remit payment and cannot be reached further to schedule your coaching session within (30) days of putting said monies on your account, your payment will not be refunded and the numerous attempts to reach you to schedule your coaching will cease and our coaching relationship will be terminated.

For Corporate clients, you will be invoiced according to the payment schedule we determine during your consultation.

To schedule your free, 60 MINUTE consultation, email your inquiry to

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