“Me First”

Does your happiness depend on the happiness of others? Does the happiness of others depend on your actions? Do you find that you are constantly struggling to make yourself happy while at the same time trying to make everyone else happy? Stop. If you answered ‘yes” to any of those questions, you will never be … More “Me First”

Refocus the Lens

I’ve recently gained an interest in photography, beyond the daily dabble and I thought of a great perspective relative to photography and weight loss/weight management. Whether you are just starting to lose weight or you have lost all of the weight you wished to lose and are maintaining your new body, this is for you: … More Refocus the Lens

100% Genuine Joy

With my 30th birthday ONE WEEK AWAY – I spent some time today reflecting, as I have done as an exercise for the past 23 days (“30 days ‘til 30”). Today’s thoughts were focused around “general joy.” Beginning yesterday afternoon and throughout today, I have really noticed people being unusually kind to me. For starters, … More 100% Genuine Joy

Truth in Testimonials

TeamJohnny’s latest Testimonial comes from the UBER-SUCCESSFUL DAYNA CHARLES!!! THANKS, DAYNA! “Johnny Potrekus was instrumental in helping me change my life through health, fitness and a new relationship with food. I found TeamJohnny through a weight-loss group. Johnny personally led me on my weight loss journey through empathy, humor and dedication. He understood every emotion … More Truth in Testimonials