TeamJohnny is Closing…


I knew this day would come but I just never knew when. With that kind of an introduction, you can guess where this is going.

It’s a GOOD thing – so no worries and nothing but positivity and joy, okay?

TeamJohnny has had a good run, longer than I would have ever initially guessed, and it is time for the metamorphosis to continue but this time, the brand is what’s changing. TeamJohnny was a wonderful vehicle that allowed me to become a Personal Coach who would go on to work with individuals and corporations in unique ways – both in private and group coaching atmospheres.

Our collective success rates were off the charts, the level of personal enlightenment for private clients was immeasurably fantastic and lo and behold – lives changed for the better; both for clients and for me, personally.

Through establishing and developing TeamJohnny, I have witnessed time and time again, the positive effects that I have on people and how my personal delivery of a pretty simple message makes such lasting impacts.

The next stage of development for my efforts in coaching/teaching the world to live ultimately will be through my new entity, the Global Gratitude Group – whose Mission is to teach the world the power of gratitude. Gratitude changes everything and the ultimate lives we all wish to live are obtainable – through Gratitude.

With the Global Gratitude Group comes a fabulous new website, a wonderful new blog, a plethora of shareworthy content, as well as social representations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the Global Gratitude Group, gratitude can and will change the world. We can all be grateful, we can all be equal and we can all be united through Gratitude without changing anything else we may believe or subscribe to – except maybe striving to be better versions of ourselves.

I would love to extend my full appreciation and gratitude to you for following my efforts with TeamJohnny. I jovially request that you morph with me and follow my efforts with the Global Gratitude Group, as it is something you and the rest of the world can be part of! You’ll need to “Follow” my new blog (I know, I know, but it’s easy!) and just complete the subscribing process (of course, it’s free!) so you can “get grateful” and make your life even more wonderful than it already is!

This is a very exciting time for me, for us and for the world. Gratitude is the one emotional response that each person in the world has felt. Even someone who has never knowingly felt or experienced love has felt grateful. It is Gratitude that unites us and it is Gratitude that will ultimately bring the global population together. Thank you for supporting our efforts with your readership and positive feedback – we see it all and consider everything.

The new blog can be found through our new website,

We are so excited and hope you are too! I am so grateful for every directive I have received from the Universe and so excited to be The Gratitude Guru!

Remember – gratitude changes everything! Thank you for four years of TeamJohnny and thank you in advance for being part of our Group!

You have the power to live an Ultimate Life!



© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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