A Prominent Display of Gratitude


For a long time now I have kept a gratitude journal. Mine isn’t necessarily its own book, per se, but I tried to start out that way. I found through trial and error that multiple books didn’t work for me and the more I could consolidate – the better. This practice worked for me for a while until my gratitude started getting jumbled together with the goings-on of my life, to the point that while I was conscious of being grateful, I was not seeing my gratitude literally amounting to anything other than the awesome circumstances of my life.

I searched the web for gratitude-related ideas, articles and the like and I came across a woman who had a unique idea. She took either a big jug or container, I can’t remember, and she wrote down what she was grateful for on little pieces of paper and put them into the item. Over time, she could see her gratitude piling up so when she felt like the chips were down or she was in over her head, she could just look in the direction of her “display of gratitude” and see that she had so many things to be thankful for. When she needed to reiterate to herself what she was thankful for, she would pull out random strips of paper that she had deposited and she would refresh her memory.

Today I began my new personal practice of displaying my gratitude. I found a nice vase in our home that will work nicely as my starter display and I will choose a prominent place within our house to put it. Once I find its spot I will post a photo so you know I’m serious.

A solid foundation of gratitude will magnetically draw to you everything else you desire, because you began and continue to appreciate everything you already have. To live in a constant state of appreciation can only create more to appreciate! Soon enough, you’ll be blind to what you don’t appreciate and notice only that which you love and are grateful for! When your display is full, take the notes out and make a list of what you were grateful for during that cycle, remove the notes and fill it up again! Gratitude is infinite!

Make your own gratitude display and share it with us! If you’re on Instagram, you can use the hashtag #theultimatelifecoach!


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