Farewell to ’15: Fifteen Things I Learned, Listened to and Loved

Farewell 15


I learned (again) that maintaining my personal levels of peace are more important to me than being right, correcting others (for the most part) and insisting that the experiences of others should be as I envisioned them.

I learned that in order to be contacted, one must make contact. We must “give” to “receive.” Whether with family members or friends, it takes two people (or more) to have a conversation. I heard a lot of people gripe and complain this year about important people in their lives who do not communicate with them or reach out to them and when asked if they reach out or communicate with those being complained about, there was always silence. Relationships cannot be forced – they have to be allowed.

I learned that seeing other people enjoy success equated success within me, as I could really embody the term, “Namaste.” If you are not yet familiar with that term, it simply means “I honor the Spirit in you that is also within me.” I am successful, my personal successes allow me to feel and experience joy and happiness, and I see the same in others that I know is within me.

I learned that no matter how many ways one may say something, the recipient of the statement ultimately decides if they are going to hear you to the point of comprehension and application. After the third attempt, consider rephrasing your statement or realize that no matter how you say it, it will not be understood to the point of comprehension and application.

I learned that Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world, after the many variations of Mandarin. I also learned that as a Floridian, sometime Texan, and nonstop globetrotter, I need and want to speak Spanish so I am going to begin teaching myself as soon as the program arrives at my front door. Vamonos!

I listened to me – and forced myself to try new foods, new experiences and new adventures. The outcomes were mostly positive, some were terrifying and others were slightly disappointing – but I’ll forget about those and remember the good ones.

I listened to the music, especially the drums, when our ship was welcomed to Tangier, Morocco. The welcome we received was “Epic,” and set the tone for what would be an incredible day.

I listened to my husband, with full attention and focus, every single time he said, “I love you.”

I listened to one of my favorite clients and her expression, “Go! Do! Now!” (Thanks, LHB!)

I listened to The Secret and The Power, both by Rhonda Byrne and endlessly shook my head in affirmative agreement. We create every angle of our lives, good and bad; it’s up to us to choose what we want more of! It’s the Law of Attraction, plain and simple!

I loved flying on both 747-400 and 747-800i aircraft this year! Having never flown on a “jumbo jet” I was like another version of myself seeing Celine Dion in Las Vegas in 2007 – completely captivated and didn’t want it to end!

I loved all the traveling I was so fortunate to experience. By land, by sea – worked for me! I loved walking around like a local in multiple cities and trying out the French I remembered from high school and the Spanish I’d learned from time spent in…Miami. Haha. I did pretty well! The French couple I conversed with in front of the Royal Palace of Monaco said I spoke very good French – so – hey – regarde-moi! Je parle Francais!

I loved spending quality time with my family and friends, as well as making new ones!

I loved meeting new people all over the world who added joy, memories and unique points of view to my life.

I loved receiving positive feedback from my clients regarding my impact on their lives and how their lives have changed from my coaching. Thank you!


There. Fifteen things I’ve learned, loved and listened to. As we bid Farewell to ’15, I want to thank you for your continued subscription to my blog and for being patient with me as I continue to find my voice and make every effort to write content that is worthy of your time, even if there is some inconsistency with the frequency of my posts.

I want to help encourage you to make your life ULTIMATE!, like I have with mine. Going into what I call, “Sweet ‘16” think of others in your life that may benefit from my blog and send them this way! As you know, it’s all uplifting, impactful and could very well be just what you need to see, right now, in this moment.

Go in peace, love and light. I’ll be looking for you next year! It’s going to be ULTIMATE!



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