“Let’s just get through it.” Why?

How many times do you utter to yourself on a daily basis that you “just have to get through this?”

“Holidays are stressful, but we just have to get through them.”

“If we can just get through this next week, we’ll be okay.”

“Let’s just get through the end of the year and we can deal with that in January.”

Why? Do you even hear yourself?

What the heck is so great about getting through it rather than just being present and LIVING it?

If we fast-forward through these predictable responses and thought habits, we arrive at the scene of your funeral where you’re dead and beyond the physical existence and everyone at your funeral is carrying on about how great you were, while you were just trying to “get through” your life.

Now your life is “through” and where are you? Gone. What was the point of your existence?

Apparently, you touched the lives of others in various ways and you managed to create immeasurable things and circumstances but really – what purpose did you serve and did you even notice?

Ultimate Law #2 of my Eight Ultimate Laws That Create an Ultimate Life is Consciously Increase Your Consciousness – meaning, become present in your life and stay present. Be present and conscious of what is happening around you right now and always.

There is so much that we miss out on when we are only focusing on getting through the current time to be on to the next event in our lives. What is so great coming up “later” that justifies missing out on “right now?”

It’s this “get through it” mentality that causes us to feel like time is just flying by. I personally had one of those moments when I realized October is nearly over and thought to myself, “Man, where has this year gone!?” Then I began to think, month by month, what I have done this year. I sure have done a lot and I am about to embark on a whole lot more before 2015 is through. In recent years, I have made it a personal mission of mine to be present, to consciously increase my consciousness and it is because of this dedication that I am able to so vividly account for my life and its events. I can even tell you what I ate for lunch on Wednesday three weeks ago. Is it because I’m young? No. It’s because I am checked-in and focused on being present and accounted for during this lifetime.

I think a bunch of you just thought to yourselves, “Wow, really? Lunch? Three weeks ago? You must have way too much time on your hands.” I do have time. We all do. I have time because I make time. I’m on “The List.” I’m even at the very top of “The List” – I am numero uno. Because I am numero uno, I ensure that my needs are taken care of so I can give love to everyone else. Once I know through a brief, Self-Check that I am “ULTIMATE!” I can operate from a full core of love and give all I can to the world. It doesn’t take much to check-in with yourself to ask, “How am I today?”

Do you want to end up in the circumstance that was presented in the Introduction or do you want to transition into the non-physical having been present and conscious of the life you led and the lives you touched? This is YOUR life; everything is up to you. There is no plan except the one you create and since you’re the creator – get present, get focused, get conscious and get started creating YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE!

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D. AMDA is an accomplished Law of Attraction Expert, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. To work with Dr. Bergstrom, please email your inquiry to Johnny@goteamjohnny.com.

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