Ultimate Planning Leads to Ultimate Success

Are you a “planner?” If you are, today’s article is going to be music to your ears. If you aren’t, today’s article may surprise you.

Ultimate Planning

Why is it Ultimate Planning rather than just Planning? Because in an Ultimate Life, EVERYTHING is ULTIMATE! It’s not “extreme planning” but it means planning to be ultimate.

Why do we plan anything in life?

We plan things in life from small details to huge events because there is something to achieve. When a couple has a wedding, it typically requires a lot of planning. It’s a big deal and the smallest detail is considered. In the end, the ceremony is held and the goal of all of the planning has been achieved.

When friends discuss meeting for dinner on Saturday night when it’s only Wednesday, they are planning to see each other in advance and have every expectation that the dinner engagement will occur. Once Saturday night rolls around, the friends meet; dinner accomplished.

Our lives are full of planned events and although we may not pay such close attention to the daily or weekly events, we are in fact planning. So if you thought you weren’t a planner – think again!

Ultimate Planning Leads to Ultimate Success

While our lives are full of events and commitments, we still need to make sure that we, as individuals, make the list. We have to plan to take care of ourselves. It is no one else’s job to take care of you; it is YOUR JOB to take care of YOU.

By engaging in Ultimate Planning, you are powerfully lining yourself up to enjoy the rewards of Ultimate Success. Just like the wedding example earlier, every tiny detail adds to overall perception and appeal on the big day. Photographs and video of all those details are captured for review and reflection – forever preserving the proof that Ultimate Planning transpired.

On an individual level, we deserve the same attention in our personal development as a wedding does. We should set goals six months to a year out, consulting with the necessary people along the way to ensure that our desires are understood and come to fruition.

Just like a wedding has a book for planning, so can our personal development journeys. In the book, you can put anything and everything that helps you visualize and “plan” your Ultimate Life. If you’re more digitally inclined, perhaps you’ll digitize your “book” into “pins” and put it on Pinterest. Whatever you need to do to get yourself in the frame of mind that you are planning every day to eventually achieve everything important and meaningful to you – do it.

Plan to be successful. Plan to receive all that you desire. Plan to be where you want to be, when you want to be there. Plan your life according to all that you desire. When life events happen like births, deaths, relationship endings, etc., people love to say, “Well, it’s all part of The Plan.” What plan? Whose plan? Remember all of the life events that you’ve planned thus far and see how time and time again you prove to yourself that you are the planner.

If you don’t plan, you have no expectations of anything greater than what you’re currently experiencing. Even if you absolutely love your life, you planned what you’re currently experiencing at some point, whether you did that consciously or not. Get familiar with Law #2 of my Seven Ultimate Laws to Live By and Consciously Increase Your Consciousness when it comes to what you’re planning to experience as your Ultimate Life.

We can all be ULTIMATE – when will you be?

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!———————————————-

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Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D., AMDA is an accomplished Law of Attraction Expert, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. To work with Dr. Bergstrom, please email your inquiry to Johnny@goteamjohnny.com.

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