Living at an Ultimate Level

Power Your Ultimate Life!

How does one know when they are living at the Ultimate Level?

The fastest way to check is to review the Seven Ultimate Laws to Live By. If each Law is followed, then one is most certainly living at their Ultimate Level.

The Seven Ultimate Laws are:

  • First Law: Think Only of What You Want
  • Second Law: Consciously Increase Your Consciousness
  • Third Law: Become Ignorant of Negativity
  • Fourth Law: Give to Receive
  • Fifth Law: Believe You Are Receiving
  • Sixth Law: Increase Your Attitude of Gratitude
  • Seventh Law: Appreciate Everything

The Seven Ultimate Laws to Live By are based on the comprehensive application of the Law of Attraction. When one understands the power they have within the Universe, which ultimately resides in and through them, the possibilities for constructing an Ultimate Life are infinite.

I have archived posts on my blog of the Seven Ultimate Habits for Creating an Ultimate Life, where you can review each Law and determine which Laws you are living by and which Laws need improvement or more focus. Each of these Laws works in accordance with the others, so if you are following five of them, it is imperative that you get to seven of seven. If you are focusing on what you want, giving to receive, believing that you are receiving the product of your giving but then you are inadvertently or unconsciously focusing on negativity in your life – you are not just breaking the First and Third Laws, you are also not in accordance with the Second Law since your consciousness is hindered. You could be jeopardizing your effectiveness of all of the other laws as well.

By making it a daily habit to review the Seven Ultimate Laws to Live By, you will automatically implement the Second Law and increase your consciousness/awareness of what you are thinking about. Your consciousness will guide you to being more aware of what you’re thinking about during the rest of the day, helping you to follow the other six laws.

To live on the Ultimate Level is easy once you get in the swing of abiding by the Seven Ultimate Laws. There is a little bit of “enjoyable effort” involved – I will not use the word, “work.” However, anything worth achieving is worth the effort put into it. You can either continue to live in a misguided world full of hesitations, doubt, worry, stress, poor health and fear; or, you can choose to become conscious of your thoughts, your Universal/inherent abilities and press your personal Power Button to design your Ultimate Life.

How soon will you be living at your Ultimate Level?


You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D., AMDA is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Law of Attraction Expert and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. To work with Dr. Bergstrom, please email your inquiry to

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