Seven Ultimate Habits – Habit #4 of 7

Power Your Ultimate Life!

Ultimate Habit #4: Become Ignorant of Negativity

ICYMI – Yesterday’s Ultimate Habit was Believe You Will Receive. I shared how giving to receive is a two-parter; we give to receive, but we also believe we will receive based upon our giving. Our beliefs fuel our thoughts and gestures and ensure a full return on our investments of giving. Today’s Ultimate Habit is to Become Ignorant of Negativity. There are only two types of thoughts – positive thoughts and negative thoughts. If you are experiencing negativity, you must be thinking negative thoughts. You can’t experience something without having first attracted it to you, so if you find that you are surrounded by people who complain, whine or stress you out with all of their drama – it must because you are thinking negatively. I will tell you from my own experience; when I am in my happy, positive frames of mind, no one and no drama finds its way to me. However, when I am dancing a negative jig, everyone bombards me with their problems, their issues, their sob stories and complete lack of responsibility for how they think. Want to create your Ultimate Life? Become ignorant of negativity, IMMEDIATELY! How do you do that? Review Habits 1-3 and continue to apply the upcoming habits (there are seven).

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!

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