Seven Ultimate Habits – Habit #3 of 7

Power Your Ultimate Life!

Ultimate Habit #3: Believe You Will Receive

ICYMI – Yesterday’s Ultimate Habit was Give to Receive. I shared how in order to receive the life circumstances we desire, we must first give those types of thoughts, feelings and gestures out – in order to have them returned to us as our lives. Today’s Ultimate Habit is Believe You Will Receive. This is so important because as much as you give, you have to believe that your giving will result in your receiving. Don’t give just to receive – give because it feels good and because you want to. Believing that you will receive is the fuel of the boomerang that will ensure that whatever you have given will get where it needs to be. It will then swing around and come back to you to give again. Life is absolutely a circle and no matter what we do, we will always feel the result of our thoughts – good or bad. A circle does not have an endpoint and is therefore infinite; however, it is up to us to decide how we want the circles to begin.

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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