Seven Ultimate Habits – Habit #2 of 7

Power Your Ultimate Life!

Ultimate Habit #2: Give to Receive

ICYMI – Yesterday’s Ultimate Habit was Think Only of What You Want. In yesterday’s article, I shared the importance of the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts create our life circumstances. As everything in our lives responds to thoughts we have had, so do the life circumstances we experience. Thus, in order to receive that which we desire in our lives, we must first take it upon ourselves to emit the cause to generate the effect. If you want to receive anything in your life, no matter what it is, you must first, “give.” We don’t necessarily have to give the exact thing we would like to receive, but it’s the nature of the gesture that determines the nature of the receipt. If you give anger or hatred toward another, in some form those same experiences will be returned to you. If you give love and generosity, in some form those same experiences will be returned to you. This really puts a serious emphasis on the Golden Rule, which is to treat others how you want to be treated. In order to receive anything, we must give it, first.

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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