Seven Ultimate Habits for Creating an Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!

Ultimate Habit #1: Think Only of What You Want

What we think about, we bring about. It’s simple. Today’s Ultimate Habit is to be more conscious of what you’re thinking about. Granted, we think more than 60,000 thoughts per day, but if you start to pay attention to what you’re thinking about, you’ll notice that you aren’t necessarily thinking the same thoughts over and over. You are thinking thoughts that are similar to each other in nature and thus, your responsive feelings will be the same. If your responsive feelings are the same for an extended period of time, you are powerfully attracting circumstances into your life that are on par with the types of thoughts you’ve been thinking. Think fabulous thoughts and receive fabulous life circumstances. Think poor thoughts and receive poor life circumstances that don’t make you feel good at all. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law in the Universe. Nothing exists without a source of attraction and whether you realize it or not, you are the source to which all Universal circumstances respond.

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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