Season of Gratitude

Although the heat of Summer 2015 is still prevalent, my favorite season of the year is upon us! Fall is just around the corner and in some areas it has already begun!

Mostly every child is back in school now and we have about six weeks until Halloween. I know, I know. We have about six weeks until the holiday season begins to focus on other things – particularly, ourselves.

In the Western world, especially in the States, our mentality of “go-go-go” is seemingly getting worse and while some people are lessening the chaos in their lives, others are adding more on top of their already existing chaotic schedules.

I have spoken with various people about holidays in the past and the common motivator was that they just wanted to “get through it.” When they were through it, they felt like they “made it” only to be surprised with yet another holiday and more negative, obligatory feelings.

As a child, I couldn’t wait for holidays! I loved every single holiday we celebrated and even though preparing for them seemed like a lot for my mom and others involved, holidays always had a special air about them that separated them from every other day.

Today, holidays are met with a lot of dread and obligation rather than anticipation and celebration. People are exhausted, mentally drained, pulled in every direction and living unhealthily on top of everything else, which adds immensely to the struggle of daily life. They get hung up on holiday costs, family dynamics and trying to capture the nostalgia that “once was.”

Take the feelings and experiences of the past that you’re grateful for and incorporate them into your life now. Today, I am encouraging you to create new traditions, new practices, new desires that you and yours will have for holidays this year, as well as going forward.

Don’t try to recreate what your parents did for you in the exact way they did it for you because it won’t feel the same as it once did. It won’t feel the same because when you felt it originally, you were receiving the product of their efforts and you felt grateful for what you were experiencing. It was fun, it was memorable and it was ultimately, special.

When we try to do something someone else’s way, we adopt an air of competition or having to live up to expectations or comparisons. When this happens, rather than creating and enjoying what we have created, we are consumed by how we have performed and if we have either lived up to or surpassed the standard that was already set.

By creating new traditions and new ways of commemorating holidays, there are no precedents – only the expectation to enjoy life.

To get you started in creating your Ultimate Holidays which are founded upon gratitude, choose to live in an attitude of gratitude NOW and every single day going forward. Don’t wait until you’re sitting around the table at Thanksgiving asking each other what you’re grateful for – start now. Ask yourself what you are grateful for every day!

Look for more and more to be grateful for every day; you could even make a game out of it! If you have little ones in the carpool, play the “I See _________ and I Love it” game. It’s kind of like “I spy…” and each chosen object is announced with, “I see ________ and I love it!” The “I love it” part can be swapped out with, “and I am grateful for it.” With children, the ability of making the connection between seeing something they love and being grateful for it teaches them to associate the emotion of love with the emotion of gratitude. It also helps to teach them the value of things, which I have noticed is quite lacking in today’s youth.

Promote the Season of Gratitude and experience at least one conscious period of feeling grateful every single day. This is being called a “season” for now and I encourage you to make the Season of Gratitude the season that you truly carry the spirit of all year through. Where there is gratitude there is giving, and where there is giving, there is sharing. Share this article with the people closest to you and promote an attitude of gratitude within your personal circle. Imagine how ULTIMATE your life will be when everyone around you is just as grateful for their lives as you are for yours!

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!


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