Admire. Imitate. Live Ultimately.

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Do you want to live “ultimately?”

One way to begin developing your Ultimate Life is to find something or someone to admire and immediately begin imitating and emulating what you see.

Obviously, if you find that you are surrounded by negative people and tons of drama – that is not what you want more of in your life so don’t imitate that!

People who do amazing things, have impeccable taste, positively shock us, impress us with something unforeseen, teach us that which we do not yet know, or exemplify behavior that we wish to perform as our own – these are the people we should admire and imitate.

Why should we imitate others? I thought creating my Ultimate Life was about being original and taking my own path.

We are building ultimate lives. It’s like baking an ultimate cake. There are a bunch of different ingredients involved, they mix together, bake for a while and when the timing is right, it emerges as absolutely delectable perfection – perfection to be savored and admired; admired enough to want to bake another ultimate cake.

The Art of Admiring is to master the skill of taking key elements or ingredients from people in our lives and add them in varying quantities to our ultimate recipe that will eventually serve up the ultimate life.

By adding the qualities we admire in others into our recipe, we are essentially imitating what others are doing – how they dress, their mannerisms, their speech patterns, how they carry themselves, where they live, what they drive, how they treat others, how they treat their children, how they treat their partners, etc. To imitate is to admire that which is positive in others while adding a ‘dash of this’ and a ‘dash of that’ to the ultimate recipe.

It is important to note that it is not suggested that we mindlessly start modeling ourselves after people who seem to be misguided or following some trend or some form of popularity or celebrity simply because everyone else is doing it.

It is important is to observe as much of others as possible, especially how their attitudes seem to be affecting their lives. For example, someone who walks around laden with self-pity and a ‘woe-is-me’ attitude is only going to have more of their life circumstances that project such reactions in their life because that’s what they’re paying attention to. Whereas, someone who walks around with a cheerful and happy attitude regardless of how busy they are will more than likely have life circumstances that promote more of those same feelings of cheer and happiness.

Look for what you admire in others, think of how you can imitate or emulate those qualities and live ultimately by doing so.

I admire people who try. Just this past week, a client of mine who signed up for her gym membership in May finally decided that she was going to walk in the door. Until last week, she had allowed her unfounded fears of “what might be inside” to keep her from going in. She finally had something click within her and she requested that our next coaching session be held at one of the gyms in the franchise. I happily agreed and low and behold, she actually showed up!

She may have taken her beginning steps with trepidation, but as I held her hand and walked her around the facility, giving her the intimidation-free tour, she grew more and more comfortable with something that for so long, had intimidated her. She TRIED. After the hour concluded, she was so thrilled with her experience that she went back the next day and she even scheduled a session with a Personal Trainer. I am so proud of her and so proud of her allowance of a new, driving force to guide her.

While writing this I’m smiling because I remember doing almost the same thing with one of my very first private clients; who now rules her gym, religiously works out with her Trainer and has lost more than 40 pounds. She is the epitome of someone who tries and tries – she succeeds, she learns, she tries again. She inspires me and has grown so much in the three and a half years we’ve worked together to build the ultimate her.

I admire people who do not allow defeat to reside in their minds. I admire people who maintain the life they want to live regardless of what others may say about it. If it’s not happening in your life, it’s really none of your business. Also, what others think of you is none of your business. Focus on YOU, decide what you want, determine the best ways to get there and DO IT!

Admire. Imitate. Live Ultimately.

If you don’t know where to start in your efforts to live ultimately, follow that prompt and you’ll start to see that your life will adjust accordingly. Start looking for people and things to admire. Imitate that which you identify with and make it your own. As you progress through the admiration and imitation, your ultimate life will develop and you will find that it is easier than you ever thought it would be.

Enhancement Exercise

Take a minute, grab a piece of paper or open the Notes app on your phone and make a quick list of what/who you admire. Off the top of your head – go – do it. Then below that, think of the life behaviors you admire that you want to possess as already your own.

Ultimately, we all want to have lives that we admire on a daily basis. In order to get there, start here!

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Power Your Ultimate Life!

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