Journal Now – Thank Yourself Later

The most powerful tool

In my last article, I noted how important keeping a food journal has been to my personal efforts in managing my food addiction. In today’s article, I want to expound upon the effectiveness of keeping a food journal.

While recently working on my newest ambition, I was inspired to get out a box filled with some of my completed food journals. I noticed many things while reading through them and one thing that consistently leapt off of the pages at me was how the food choices I made corresponded to the feelings and experiences I had written about on the opposite pages.

Proof isn’t just found in pudding – it’s found in mindfulness.

The way I see it, journaling one’s food choices is beneficial for many reasons; particularly, for conscious decision making development and serving as evidence to support what occurs when one steps on a scale.

Conscious decision making development skills are imperative if one is to gain control over their weight, rather than gaining weight from losing control. Adding to the food journal before and during eating keeps one accountable and mindful of the choices that could be made, as well as the choices that have been made. Back in the days of counting Points, I always put the budget of Points at the top of the page and deducted from it as the day progressed. Seeing the Points dwindle had multiple effects on me, one of them being to consciously and mindfully decide if eating the item in front of me was the right thing to do, or if another choice was more appropriate in the grand scheme of the rest of my day and evening.

Journaling one’s food choices provides evidence to support what does or does not occur on the scale. What happens if one is expecting to lose weight, they believe they are making the right choices, eating the right quantities and they step on the scale to see a number that disagrees with their believed behaviors? Without a food journal, all they can do is huff and puff and get angry – they have no information whatsoever to analyze to make corrections or adjustments.


Whereas, someone who journals with great detail can see the “feedback” provided by the scale and analyze their behaviors. How often were their behaviors satisfactory and how often were their behaviors in need of improvement? With such opportunities for analysis, I can’t imagine why anyone would put such great effort into losing weight and not put it on paper to see HOW they did it. I am so grateful that I have the box of completed food journals in my office, ready to provide me with proven information when I need a refresher.

Journaling doesn’t have to be some arduous, stupid task. It can be fun! I am a total office supply nerd and nothing turns my nerd on more than a fresh pack of pens, highlighters and sticky notes. My journals are unique books and inside are writings of different colors, different ink properties like ball point, gel and Sharpie Fine Point Pens – and the highlighters are used to color-coordinate successes and setbacks.

In the beginning of each journal I designate which color highlights mean what – and color my days accordingly. In one journal, I used pink for bad choices, blue for good choices, green for exercise and yellow for positive statements I made about or to myself. As I fan through the pages, I can see day by day, where I made good choices, bad choices, exercised and offered myself some positive feedback. Great days had very little pink and a lot of blue, yellow and green!

My goal with these articles is to teach others how to do for themselves as I have done and continue to do for myself. A lot of life directors out there are good at telling people how to do things, never personally doing them in their own lives. However, I am good at not only telling, but sharing and showing.

If my articles have helped you or someone you know, I would love to hear from you! If there is a topic you would like my opinion or perspective of, let me know!

See you next time!


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