AUGUST 4, 2015

On my thirty-first birthday, I have been gifted with peace and serenity, as well as time to reflect on my thirty-one years in this life, body and earthly existence.

I live a Life of Mindfulness – always thinking, always trying to focus my attention to the here and now and being conscious of what I want in and for my life.

I teach others (those who truly desire knowing) how to be mindful of the same for themselves and I revel in hearing their feedback on how my teachings change their lives.

I understand the value and importance of being an individual. It irks me when I see others following each other and trying to fit in rather than stand out. I constantly have to refocus my attention to the Art of Allowing, which is to allow others to be who they are, no matter how much I may personally disagree with how they choose to live their lives.

I live my life with the goal of living “ultimately” and wish that particular same for everyone else, since living “ultimately” means so many different things depending on who you ask.

I am blessed with a wonderful presence of family, including my best friends and in-laws, and of course, my husband.

I am blessed with the gift of travel that keeps coming my way. I am so incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had over the past two years to travel to places I hadn’t foreseen visiting.

I am blessed with my health and my incredible level of fitness.

I am blessed to have people in my life who send me well-wishes and beautiful sentiments.

I am blessed to have every need of mine met and so much more.

I am so blessed to be traveling back to San Francisco next month to celebrate my first year of marriage. We have such a beautiful life together and commemorating it with a trip back to where such a poignant event of our lives took place is so incredibly special.

I am so grateful for the peace in my life. The fact that I can actually hear silence tells me that I am deaf to drama and that drama is broadcasted to others, by others, on a frequency that my antenna doesn’t even pick up.

I appreciate exceptional people doing exceptional things “just because.” Even when their doings are within the scope of their job description; that little ‘extra’ that elevates ordinary into extraordinary is so appreciated. It costs one nothing but a little energy and thought to go a little farther to make someone feel appreciated and when such is done for others, it is done for you.

This was the first birthday that I have had where I did not receive one phone call wishing me a happy birthday. Every single sentiment was expressed via text message or Facebook post. Yes, there was a surprising amount of well-wishes, but not one person actually pressed any series of buttons to call me; times are changing and I’m not sure how I feel about that. My phone used to ring off the hook when it was my birthday – now it just vibrates and startles me.

For my 32nd year, I would like to be able to say by then that I have achieved even deeper, personal relationships with people in my life. I will remain steadfast in my efforts to actually SEE people, HEAR what they have to say, FEEL their presence and SHARE moments with them that are not typed, Skyped, Tweeted or hashtagged. I plan to continue savoring life experiences as well as the moments that I will share with others, as well as the moments and life experiences that I have on my own and only through my eyes; especially my third eye – which sees beyond what is in front of me and into worlds to which very few are granted access.

For those of you around the world who subscribe to my blog, I want to say thank you for subscribing and for thinking that what I have to say has some validity in your life and how you live. If you think that what I have to say would help others in your life, share your thoughts with them and have them subscribe.

We should all aim to live the Ultimate Life, no matter what our unique, awesome qualities are. You’re you because of everything that makes you, “you.” Keep YOU at the front of the line when it comes to your life and who gets what. It is only when you are feeling whole and abundant that your abundance can overflow, spilling over to be shared with others while still guaranteeing that your personal level of abundance is always covered, always flowing and always Ultimate.

Become deaf to drama and watch your world get better, instantly!

I’m living my Ultimate Life – are you?

Happy 31st Birthday to me. Here’s to at least 100 more.


 Power Your Ultimate Life!

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