We Should Give…Why, Exactly?


So many of us are taught to give “just because” – but that’s silly. If you do a little research, you will see that nothing in the Universe just goes out there and hangs – it comes back – it’s called Cosmic Karma. And, if you do a little more research, you will also see that everything in life is representative of Cause and Effect, also known as giving and receiving. While we are taught to give “just because,” the “just because” is usually interchangeable with “out of the goodness of your heart.” Well, if there’s goodness in your heart and you give it out, that same goodness will return to you in the form of circumstances, people and events in your life. We are taught the Cause, we are enticed with the assumed Effect of our giving, which is making people happy and helping them feel good – but then the instruction stops there, leaving us all to wonder, “What is the point of giving?” The point of giving is to do it because you feel an innate desire to do so; the benefits that you will reap within the circumstances of your life are infinite and constant.

Without constant attention paid to those who give, give, give – those who give may tend to become jaded by all of their giving because they are not seeing the fruits of their giving. Well, if fruits come from labor, which is essentially being equated to giving, then you’re “giving” “wrong.”

Giving is not supposed to be performed with the underlying intention that by doing so, you will receive the same. It is so much more than that. It is the feeling behind the giving that determines the caliber of what you will receive, when and if you even recognize that you have been given to. Another reason givers become jaded is because they give and then begin looking for their return on investment. “Ok I gave – now what do I get?” Find the goodness in your heart, as you’ve always been instructed to do – and from that point of goodness, which is completely overflowing with great feelings for how your giving will affect others, give. Just simply, give.

Give a genuine smile – hold a door for someone more than five feet away and spend an extra ten seconds to show them that you purposely stopped to hold the door for them – and follow their “thank you” with a genuine smile, from your heart, and say, “You’re most welcome.” I am continuously amazed at how simple gestures, that cost us nothing but a few seconds in the grand scheme of things, can completely change the course of someone else’s day. They feel so good, that they pay their good fortune forward. Having felt that some complete stranger genuinely cared to make their day better inspires them to keep it going. What are you going to do for others, today?

Get centered, feel it in your heart, (when you smile from deep within you’ll know you’ve got it) and release it to the world. If we all stop yelling at each other, stop pointing out each other’s flaws, stop harping on the negative just to gain publicity and attention and if we begin choosing what we pay attention to, the giving will take center stage and the world will change. A little trust, a little faith, and a little effort can change everything – and everyone can live The Ultimate Life.



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Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D., AMDA, is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and the founder of TeamJohnny, Inc. and The Ultimate Life. His holistic approach is designed to guide you to bring balance to all areas of your life. His clients make an ongoing commitment to changing their lives and living in a realm of absolute positivity. Dr. Bergstrom believes that we are all meant to live The Ultimate Life and with his guidance, you too, can find what makes your life “Ultimate” – and together, you can create it!

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