Are You Prepared for The Worst or The Best?


Do you prepare for the worst or prepare for the best?

Most people would say that they are prepared for the worst, implying that they have planned to be financially ready for some crisis that is bound to happen. While this gives us obvious peace of mind, there is a hidden connotation – of which, most people are unaware.

When we “prepare for the worst,” we are thinking in terms of the absolute opposite of which is desired. We are giving concentrated, focused thought to things and circumstances that we do not want. Things that we are somewhat expecting to happen to us at some point; at which point, we want to be prepared to handle.

The overall thought is “preparation.” We are not doing ourselves any favors by expecting the worst or preparing for the worst because by doing so, we are declaring very prominently that we are expecting something tragic and awful to happen to us.

I know you might think it odd to try to ignore the fact that tragedies and unexpected, undesirable circumstances arise, but the emotional assessment of life circumstances is exactly that – circumstantial – and relative to each person on an individual level. Therefore, I cannot affirm that tragedy or extreme cases of awful experiences exist – but I will say that if we just alter our approach to preparing for what is essentially “life,” we will alter our outcomes and take yet another step toward living The Ultimate Life.

To change your frequency of what you are preparing for and expecting, focus your intended thoughts on preparing for the best. Wouldn’t it feel great to prepare for the absolute best circumstances and to feel great when those incredible circumstances are presented to you? By having such an approach, you could be “preparing” for a circumstance where a great sum of money was being saved and then you may find when it nears time for such monies to be applied that some other means have been provided for the same cause you’ve been saving for, and now, suddenly, you have this awesome sum of money that you hadn’t planned on having and the possibilities of how it can enhance your life seem limitless.

That can happen to you and this DOES happen to other people, ALL THE TIME. If you expect the worst, you’ll get the worst – guaranteed. If you expect the best, you’ll get the best – guaranteed. Remember – determining if something is positive or negative is all based in how we perceive everything to be. If we are presented with a situation that is less than ideal at face value, applying some focused and concentrated thought to the situation may offer us that positive silver lining that we are always looking for.

So, stop preparing for the worst in order to give yourself peace of mind. Prepare for the best and you will always get it! This is The Ultimate Life!


 Power Your Ultimate Life!


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