“Hey, did you get your “peace” yet?”

Copyright Johnny Potrekus

If someone asked you if your life was peaceful, what would you say?

Today, I am here to remind you that everyone gets a “peace”, including YOU.

Peace does not come to us “someday” – it comes when we decide it is to be a constant in our lives. I live with the utmost peace in my life and do you know why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!

I have spent a lot of time in the past couple years refining my individual energetic vibration and it is so well tuned that I can instantly tell when I feel greatly positive or awfully negative energy. When I, as a human transmission tower, begin receiving or channeling negative energy, it becomes so unsettling that I immediately acknowledge it and do everything I can to smother it with positive energy. Negativity is only present where there is a lack of positive energy, so it’s not that we are combating the negative with the positive – we are just increasing the amount of positive energy emitted so there is no vacancy for the lack of positive energy to fill.

In the essence of peace, if you, as a human transmission tower of energy frequencies, cannot decide which frequency you want to tune into, you become very similar to a radio scanning different frequencies for feedback.

This happened to me just the other day. I was flipping through the six different preset stations on my radio in my car and station after station got louder and louder, and each station had gone to commercial. Each commercial was some advertisement for something that I didn’t want – I just wanted to hear music – and there was just all this noise, all this chatter, all this conflicting energy that was causing me to become flustered and off-set. Because I am now so aware of the energy I am emitting and receiving, I immediately shut off the radio and centered myself with silence. It took mere seconds to refocus and realign myself with my center; a skill I have tried to master for years.

We all deserve to live peacefully. When we are surrounded by noise, by chaos, by an enormous lack of positive energy, we are disallowing ourselves the abundant opportunities to live quietly and peacefully.

Think of your last vacation or the last time you had a few minutes to yourself. No one was nagging you, no one was making noise – it was just you, silence, and calm. You don’t have to go to a distant Caribbean island or even a deserted island for that matter; you can achieve your own level of peace, which is available to you the minute you decide you want it, all minutes of the day, all days of the week – WHENEVER YOU SAY SO!

If you find that you acquire your peace and then it escapes you, you have not failed. You are a human being and you have a permanent permission slip to be a “forever work in progress.” Just calmly take three deep breaths, inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity, and think of the first things that come to mind that equate peace and serenity to you. Feel the feelings associated with those visual cues for your inner being and allow yourself to feel them to the deepest depths of your soul. Affirm that you are centered, your focus has been reset and you are ready to proceed. Do this as often as you need to – as often as you decide you want to savor your “peace.”


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Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D., AMDA, is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Metaphysician, Speaker, Author, Law of Attraction Expert and Health & Wellness Coach. He has the “gift of ignition” – an innate ability to spark the internal fires and personal passions in just about every person he works with. Whether it is through a motivational speech, corporate pep talk, or the keynote at your next corporate function – Dr. Bergstrom is just the spark you need to ignite a raging fire throughout your organization! TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. To book Dr. Bergstrom, email your inquiry to Johnny@goteamjohnny.com.

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