Happiness, No Matter What!

Today’s article begins with a reiteration of a point that I have made so many times before but seemingly grows more and more poignant as time goes on.

Happiness is a choice!

We each choose to be happy or unhappy – it’s that simple. No one else can make you unhappy or happy, while we think that they might, we are wrong when we assign such credit to anyone other than ourselves. You choose to feel however you feel, period.

Choosing to feel happy creates a life that surrounds you with happy people and happy circumstances. Finally! We can appreciate and understand that we live in a time when all people can openly love whomever they love, even if they love someone of their same sex, we are witnessing people choosing to be happy and choosing to display their joy and happiness with others. When you hear of or see someone identifying as transgender and morphing like a caterpillar into their true “butterfly” form, we are witnessing people choosing to be happy.

When you look around at your life circumstances, you may not yet be where you ultimately desire to be, but if you choose to be grateful and joyful for what you have, no matter how much or little, you are choosing to be happy.

When you realize that feeling awful and unhappy only creates more life circumstances for you to feel awfully unhappy about – choosing to be happy seems like the only logical alternative! It seems like the only logical alternative because if you feel awful and unhappy and your life remains awful and full of unhappiness, then feeling happy and joyful must mean that you’ll continue feeling happy and joyful. (Trust me, it does!)

We are conscious beings. A lot of what we experience in our conscious mind happens because of thoughts we have focused on in our subconscious level. Subconscious beliefs are the roots of our conscious opinions and since we are conscious beings, we have to “consciously” attempt, over and over, to remind ourselves to choose to be happy. When we are able to root happiness into our subconscious mind – that is when happiness becomes a habit.

If the subconscious thought process intrigues you, Christian D. Larson has some wonderful books on the subject. I had the privilege of citing some of his work for my Master’s Thesis and it was absolutely fascinating and made so much sense!

As you go through today and the rest of your life, aim to live ULTIMATELY. No one is living The Ultimate Life, unhappily. If you want to live your Ultimate Life, you have to first choose to be happy!



Power Your Ultimate Life!

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