Ultimate Manifestations

Yesterday was incredible! I had the opportunity to experience something I had ultimately desired to experience at some point in my life, specifically when, I did not know – but it was on my list of “someday” things to do.

About three years ago I attended a Polo match at the International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida and since I was unsure of how I would like Polo, I went the inexpensive route where you brought your own chair, method of shade, food and beverage and watched the match. It was so incredibly hot and I just kept noticing the VIP tent that had fans blowing, ice-cold drinks flowing and delicious food cooking! I remember sitting in my folding chair thinking, “…one day, no matter what it costs, I am going to have a VIP Polo Experience.”

Three years later, one of the thoughts I had passionately thought with intense feelings that I had filed away in my “someday” file was recognized and the topic of attending the VIP Brunch came up. I was asked to go, I agreed without hesitation to go and yesterday, I finally experienced a Polo match from beyond the velvet rope.

My desire to live my Ultimate Life has always been my driving force and the curiosity of experiencing something new that looked like so much fun was piquing. As my husband and I, along with great friends of ours waited in the shade to go in to the pavilion, the mix of other attendees was so intriguing! To think that all of these people had the same feeling-fueled-desire that I had and wanted to experience this awesomeness! Fantastic!

We finally made it into the cool air where servers circled the room with trays of delicious hors d’oeuvres, tables were assigned and the incredible smorgasbord of a buffet awaited our admiration and consumption. The weather was intensely hot but through the sweat dripping from our brows and faces, the focus remained on how wonderful it was to finally experience something that had long been filed in the “someday” file. The Match was fascinating to watch, the divots were fun to stomp and the fashion was fun to appreciate. I am so grateful that I had the privilege of fulfilling a desire I have had for quite some time!

Today is Monday and there is no better day to go into your “someday” file to pull out the wondrous desires you had a while ago to revisit and reenergize with your newfound passion and positive feelings to experience your desires ASAP! You create your future and your life with every thought you put focused, intended feelings behind! Just WHAT are you thinking about!?


Power Your Ultimate Life!


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