Relationships: Release or Nurture?

I was recently asked to participate in a panel discussion regarding relationships and felt that some of the content would make for a good blog article.

It seems that people always seem to come to the conclusion that they either need to cut people out of their lives or that they need to nurture their lost relationships.

I disagree with this black and white approach to relationships and I will explain why.

I believe that every single person we encounter in our lives is strategically placed in the exact moments, at the exact times, for us and for the reasons we need them there. We don’t necessarily know or need to know everyone we encounter, but our congregations in public spaces and places of shared interests emit group energy and it is the amplified energy produced by groups of people that contribute to the attraction of similar energy to our lives when we are alone.

Let’s get away from the black and white approach to relationships. People don’t have to be EITHER your friend OR your enemy. Not every acquaintance MUST be a true friend and not every friend has to be one that you hold near and dear. Our focus should be emphasizing our love energy toward the people who contribute as a whole to the Ultimate Lives we lead, no matter their roles.

On the matter of distant family members – if you were close at one time and you’ve since drifted apart, take an honest look at your life and see if there is a place for them to be included more closely. If you have fond memories of your childhood or another time in your past, allow those memories to bring you joy and use those memories and joyful feelings to propel you forward in your efforts to live your Ultimate Life.

There is no need to write anyone off or to burn bridges. We all got where we are today because of multiple bridges and crossings that permitted us to proceed in the directions we needed to go. We don’t need to take the same bridges back to a starting point, so the bridges are essentially irrelevant – except to remember that they were built for you by others to help you continue on your journey through life. Give thanks for the construction workers who built the network of bridges that has given you so much.

Life is not about badmouthing others or discounting people you were once close to because they haven’t called you in a while or because you’ve lost touch. It takes two people to have a relationship, so if they haven’t called you in a while, what have you done to nurture the relationship you’re taking issue with? If you’ve been lax, forgive yourself and decide if you want to rekindle the bond. If you truly desire nurturing the relationships back to its once wonderful state, commit to it and see it through. If you get static from the other person, allow them to be wherever they are in their life and know that you’ve tried to nurture it but it no longer requires your energy.

To conclude, relationships have an interesting dynamic and if you can allow every single person in your life, whether they have passed through or stayed a while, to have their own reason for being in your life, you will come to understand that their place in your life was to help you build all of those bridges to get you where you are today. Think about that for a minute, smile, give thanks for their presence in your life, wish them joy and abundance and feel the positive energy behind the wish and send it out into the Universe. Wait a few days before reaching out to anyone and see who reaches out to you – you just may be surprised.


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