What You Love, You Create

Check in with yourself

You have the power to create YOUR Ultimate Life!

The other day I was visiting with my mother and as we were discussing what we want to have in our lives, in the future, I noticed that my current reality is one that I envisioned years ago. My current reality is a compilation of circumstances, people and events that have become my reality over the past few years. It has all manifested from thoughts I’ve had and focused mental energy toward.

When I was in tenth grade, I had a teacher who assigned us the weekly homework of Journaling. We were to write 3-5 pages of anything, but the pages had to be filled, period. He didn’t care if we wrote absolute profanity page after page – but the pages had to be filled, covered with ink and the assignment had to be fulfilled. Fifteen years later and more than 20 journals filled with my life experiences, I have Sean Stomski to thank for forcing me to write, as my writings now act as a voice of influence and guidance for the world. My daily habit of writing in my journal is one that I look forward to and cherish.

The importance of journaling for me has given me physical proof and points of reference as I look at my current reality and remember thoughts I once had, as I am now living the physical reality of those thoughts. I often tease my husband that he is absolute perfection, since he was “custom ordered by me.” It’s true. The summer before I met him, I had written a journal entry all about my ideal husband. I listed nineteen attributes that my perfect mate would have. I had instructed a client of mine to do the same a year prior and she met the guy she wrote about, so I figured I might as well follow my own advice. A couple months after we started dating and after I had fully moved in with him, I came upon one of several boxes of journals and began to fan through the pages.

The journal opened to the bookmark, which was my list. I began to read the list and felt a wave of shock and awe at the words in front of me. I was reading my “order form” for my ideal husband, as I was standing in the house I designed in my mind, as I realized that I had created my dream reality, my “Ultimate Life” all from thoughts! Thoughts, that I thankfully have documented in a journal I never thought I would write. On top of all of that, the journal was handmade in Italy, of patent leather, and the word “Amore” was on the cover, applied in gold leaf. That journal was a splurge of mine. A splurge that I use as a reminder to stop and smell my manifestations.

Just in case you think I’m kidding…


Our thoughts absolutely create things and if you are dreaming of the life you want, write it down! Every so often, think about the reality you are experiencing and refer back to the list of desires you’ve written. You will be amazed at how many desires you check-off as being complete or having in your possession. The client I spoke of earlier who met her ideal guy – she married him in February. A friend of my husband’s asked me for advice around the holidays in 2013 and she made her list and found her dream guy and married him in the beginning of this month.

Don’t ever stop dreaming and don’t ever stop believing that you can have every single thing you want.

Today, I celebrate six months of wedded bliss – wedded bliss that would never have happened if I hadn’t made my little list.

Cheers! To the Ultimate Life!

 Married in Sonoma, CA but honeymooned in Italy, among other Mediterranean locations. Now THAT’S “Amore!”

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