Deliberately Choose Your Ultimate Life; Happy Birthday, Dad.

You have the power to create YOUR Ultimate Life!

Today, this article is for my dad. Today is my dad’s birthday, and if he were still alive, he would be turning 65. Wow. He passed away in 2008 in a boating accident and to this day, all who knew him would agree that he felt that he lived his Ultimate Life.

Boating was his passion, among many things and boating seemed to make him the happiest. Jack Potrekus always lived fast and furious. He never wore his seatbelt, he far exceeded speed limits and he epitomized the adage to live life “full throttle.” His passing broke many hearts and to those who are willing to think about their relationships with him, his passing also taught so many life lessons.

He never allowed his visible life circumstances to keep him from doing what he wanted. If he wanted something, he found a way to get it. He believed he deserved the best life had to offer, or at least, the best he was willing to accept. Interestingly enough, he wasn’t born with that mentality. Someone TAUGHT him to think that way and he had a very full life, even though he only made it to 58 years old.

As I write these articles and encourage my clients and the entire world to “think” their Ultimate Lives into existence, I often think of my dad and wonder what he must have been thinking to experience all that he did.

My sister Genevieve and I have both achieved huge amounts of success and I know that our Dad would be proud. Today’s article is about deliberately choosing your life and I am encouraging you to deliberately choose your Ultimate Life!

Our lives are not decided for us; they are decided BY us. We think. We choose. We want what we want and it’s always up to us to figure out what we want so we can attract it to us. That’s how the Universe works, folks! Whatever you include in your visualization of what makes up YOUR Ultimate Life, trust your gut – believe you deserve it – and expect to receive it. When you allow the Creation Process to occur, you will finally be living your Ultimate Life.

Dad, wherever you are, whatever new shape you’ve taken – we always feel your energy and will be celebrating your life and your impact today and every day. Happy Birthday, Dad, with light and love.


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One thought on “Deliberately Choose Your Ultimate Life; Happy Birthday, Dad.

  1. This was very moving. Your father was right and would be very proud of you and your sister. I see were you got your good looks.
    I look forward to your motivational and encouraging words. They have helped me maintain a positive attitude.

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