Can You Really “Wish” Excess Weight Away?

A wish

You have the power to create your Ultimate Life!

Have you ever just “wished” excess weight away? We all have! And I’m sure we sound like broken records after a while!

“I just wish I could get rid of this extra weight!”

Wishing, and hoping, and praying – isn’t going to do it. It takes work. I am here to tell you that the work involved is worth every pound. Seven years ago, I lost 120 pounds and that did not happen simply by wishing it away. I wished for a new life, sure. Yet, the work involved was calculable and it required extensive thought.

If I didn’t think I could lose the weight, I wouldn’t have.

If I didn’t think I was physically able to stick it out and restrict my caloric intake and increase my physical exercises to keep showing weight losses week to week, I wouldn’t have.

If I didn’t think that I deserved to live the Ultimate Life, I would still be morbidly obese, miserable, very single, extremely depressed and very alone – that is, if I weren’t already dead.

I keep hearing people talk about how they just can’t seem to get it done, how they can’t stick to a plan or some other excuse that finds its way out of their mouths.

Read carefully – if you want to manage your weight, you need to open your mind and shut your mouth.

Talk yourself INTO success, instead of out of it.

Think about all of the wonderful reasons and non-food rewards that are abundant and waiting for you when you achieve your goals.

Think about how horrible you feel when you are not at your ideal weight; the stress that is placed on your body, how hard it can be just to tie your shoes, etc. – and use that frustration and your perceived memory of such times to propel you forward.

When I was fat and I was at the gym, wearing my multiple layers to disguise my rolls, (because by doing that, no one could see my fatness in detail – they just saw that I was massive) I listened to music that fueled my “ass-kicker” attitude and as my man-boobs jiggled and my whole body hurt, I used that disgusted feeling to propel myself toward WINNING!

You have to get mad. You have to get frustrated. You have to get royally pissed off about how you feel in that shell you live in; and when you’ve had enough, you’ll do it. Having tried multiple times to get weight off like most of you, there have been plenty of times that it just wasn’t time to do it. The desire was small and not prominent enough. But when I had enough and I was full of fat fury – you bet your bottom dollar I went full-throttle, put my rear in gear and got out of there!

You CAN do it…but you have to WANT to. WANT comes from THOUGHT. If you don’t think you can, you won’t. If you think you can, you will. Take it a step further and give yourself every reason that you CAN do it. Why? Because what do you think reasons are? They’re thoughts!



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