The Power of Forgiveness


“You have the power to create YOUR Ultimate Life!”

Welcome to a brand new month, just a day old and full of prosperity and potential for you to create your Ultimate Life! Today I want to discuss the power of forgiveness. If you can master the Ultimate Life Lesson of Forgiveness, you will master your life’s direction.

The root of most negativity in people I encounter is found in the negative emotions experienced due to the actions of others. It always seems to come down to someone feeling wronged by someone else and the person who feels that they have been wronged cannot seem to just let it go.

It eats at them and little by little and destroys their life. Meanwhile, the person who is being held responsible for causing the grief is either off living their life with absolutely no clue that someone else is holding anger or other negative emotions toward them, or they are suffering right there with the person who feels like a victim and doesn’t let go by forgiving.

Think about how long you have stayed mad at someone. Now think of the reason why you originally were maddened by them. Do you think that the maddening reason was reason enough to warrant your chosen duration of anger? DUH! Of course not!

Recently, there was a story in the media about a woman in Las Vegas who was involved in a road rage incident. She felt wronged by someone else and instead of letting it go and moving on with her life, she fed more and more negative energy into the situation and ended up getting herself murdered. While this a grim story to share, it remains the most vivid in my mind because if she had just waived off his wrongdoing and went about her life, she would still be alive, her family would still be able to share their lives with her and they would not have to endure whatever grief they are most likely experiencing – all because she chose not to forgive someone who wronged her.

Forgiveness lies solely in you, but affects more than just you – it affects everyone around you. When you hold grudges, when you feel dissatisfied with circumstances and people – and when you harp endlessly on what has occurred that was not to your liking, you are only making it worse. In addition to making your life worse, you have a negative impact on the people around you who volunteer to be “an ear” or “a shoulder” for you. After a while, those people you depend on to listen and lean on will not be around for you to do so because you will have exhausted your relationships with them.

As often as you feel the urges in your life to say, “thank you” – say, “I forgive you.”

When you forgive, you:

  • Maintain power and control over choosing your positive emotions and feelings.
  • Diffuse a negative situation from escalating even further.
  • Release the negative energy that is encompassed in that which requires forgiveness.
  • Rid yourself of the toxic nature of holding a grudge.
  • Instantly feel better because you forgiving someone else is done with positive intent, which means that such positive intent will return to you from another source in your life for your personal benefit. We all like to make returns on our investments!
  • Demonstrate to yourself that you have grown as a Universal being, allowing your Spirit to blossom and develop. You are learning and changing into the better version of you.

Today is Monday and we can all use a little more motivation on Mondays to make the week even greater than we first thought it would be. This morning, or whenever you read this, think of all the “wrongs” in your life, take a deep breath, and exhale them out of your body.

“Breathe in positivity – exhale negativity.”

Forgive me if I ran a little long with this article, but it took me years to understand and practice the power of forgiveness. Nowadays, I choose to be mellow. I choose to be calm. I choose to go with the flow and because of my choices, what used to “set me off” no longer does and I am so happy to say that with every breath, I breathe in positivity and exhale negativity.

I am living my Ultimate Life! Are you?

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Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D., AMDA, is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Metaphysician, Speaker, Author, Law of Attraction Expert and Health & Wellness Coach. He has the “gift of ignition” – an innate ability to spark the internal fires and personal passions in just about every person he works with. Whether it is through a motivational speech, corporate pep talk, or the keynote at your next corporate function – Dr. Bergstrom is just the spark you need to ignite a raging fire throughout your organization! TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, or through his website,

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