Thursday Thought: What’s Your Best Selfie?

Today’s Thursday Thought is about your best selfie.

We are living in a time where we are taking selfies everywhere we go and in front of everything we see, which becomes more important than just being present and seeing what is actually behind us.

It used to be that people took vacations or traveled to the far ends of the earth to see what there was to see, and they would return home to their families and friends and enlighten them about the experiences had on their journeys.

Now, through social media, we no longer vacation without taking everyone we know, with us. Vacations used to be times when we could get away and times when we could take a break from what was “normal” and “everyday”; except now people go on vacation and take the entire world with them. We are not vacationing for ourselves, we are vacationing and posting what we are doing every minute while we are on vacation, to share it with people that we think give a damn about us being on vacation. Are we that starved for human attention that we have to participate in this endless game of “Look at me! Look at me! Look what I’m doing!” I’m sorry – that was cute when we were five year olds but now, the cuteness is getting ugly.

Vacations are opportunities to disconnect. They are times to reconnect with your “self” and those you are with. They are opportunities to put your focus on something else and something new, rather than what we experience on a daily basis.

If you are going on vacation or traveling somewhere new, snap a few photos and post them when you return. We don’t need to go with you, we don’t need to see every step you take, and we don’t need to know where you are at every minute of every day while you are on vacation or traveling. Otherwise, why did you even bother going in the first place?

Stop looking at your phone, start looking up and out at what is in front of you, turn to your left and your right to see who is standing there with you experiencing the same thing and be social, with THEM.

This is not only a thought for Thursdays, it is a thought for how we live our lives. It pains me to see a group of people somewhere together, and they are all on their phones, they are not talking to each other, yet they look up from their phones for a matter of seconds to snap a selfie to share it with whoever they think might care.

I am encouraging you to take a different kind of selfie which would be a moment every day to look at your self at times that you are not fixing your hair or make up, and take a mental snapshot of who you are, how wonderful you are, and share your positive thoughts about your new “selfie” with YOURSELF. If we keep posting every detail of our lives, there will be nothing left to talk about when we finally get together because we already know what we have all been up to.

Go live your life, and most importantly, live it FOR YOU.


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