Wednesday Weight Manager – Calories: Do They Really Matter?


The debate has been going on for years – do we count calories or not? That’s a loaded question.

We have guidelines in the U.S. for daily caloric intake, the labels on foods spell out calorie counts based on 2,000 calories per day, yet calories have nothing to do with whether or not what we eat is actually good for us. There are foods that are low-calorie, low-fat, fat-free, etc. but they are full of chemicals and other additives that complicate your body chemistry.

I have counted calories, I’ve counted Weight Watchers Points, I’ve eaten healthier foods without caloric scrutiny – and I will tell you this: the minute I stopped counting calories and started eating real food, while paying attention to my body’s feelings of satiety, I figured out how to consistently manage my weight while consuming foods that enhanced my life in more ways than ever before.

But if I don’t count calories, will I gain weight?

It depends on what you’re eating. You have to take into account the composition of the foods you’re eating. For example, your body can process an avocado faster than it can process a potato. Both are good for you, but let’s look at the difference. An avocado is loaded with fat – HEALTHY fat, as well as fiber. An avocado has more fiber than an apple – did you know that?

The key to keeping hunger at bay is to consume a good amount of healthy fat while also consuming a good amount of fiber. A potato has a good amount of fiber (assuming you’re eating the skin), little fat and it’s packed with energy-producing agents from its composition as a complex carbohydrate. An avocado is also a carbohydrate, but it’s a simple carb, meaning it’s not starchy. The question to consider when deciding what choices to make is, “How will eating this make me feel, physically?” It’s important to specify “physically” because food can make us feel so many emotions and being able to decipher one’s emotional reaction versus a physical reaction is critical to one’s success in winning the battle of the bulge.

So, which do I choose?

That depends on you. For ME, I can tell you that my body is a slow-burner when it comes to complex carbs. I would rather eat an entire Haas avocado than a potato, feeling fuller than after eating a potato, as well, without feeling fat and bloated. Fat is a vital component for our physiological health and when we eat low-fat or fat-free, we leave our bodies yearning for that missing component, which leaves us feeling dissatisfied and with a lingering void to be filled – which is usually filled by some fattening, delicious pastry or junk food later on. But why do we get such a charge from the pastry or the junk? It isn’t filling – but it’s full of fat. Think about that.

Instead of calorie counts being plastered all over everything we consume, I think that there should be a labeling system of, “This food is good for you because…or this food is not so good for you because…” Calories mean nothing to an uneducated eater, because you can maintain a calorically-appropriate “diet” and still eat a bunch of garbage that does nothing to promote or increase your overall health. If we are ever going to gain control over our waistlines, we first have to become informed and enlightened on what, exactly, we are eating.

Manage your weight so you can live, ultimately.

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