Monday Motivator – LOVE TO ALL!

i love you

February has great qualities and can be a great source to take some life cues from. I think of February as “the month of love” and when we use love as the central point from which we rule our lives, our lives become infinitely better.

Where there is love, there is kindness. Where there is love, there is giving. Where there is love, there is gratitude. Where there is love, there are great feelings. Where there is love, more things to love are drawn to us through the Law of Attraction. Where there is love, there is life!

Think about it – you only want what you love, right? No one wants what they don’t love – do they? If we can think of ONLY what we LOVE and ignore everything we don’t love, then we are raising our conscious awareness of looking for what we love.

Take a look around your life and ask yourself, “What do I love? What can I see that I love? Who do I love? What do I have in my life that I love and would never want to do without?” As you start performing your Life Inventory, you’ll start to see that there aren’t enough hours in the day to list everything that you love because there is so much to love! If you can think nonstop about everything you love, essentially, everything you don’t love will seem to disappear from your life because you won’t have given any thoughts to anything you don’t desire.

Think about what you love – talk about what you love – do what you love to do. If there is someone on your mind that you love, TELL THEM THAT YOU LOVE THEM.

Tell the people in your life, TODAY, that you love them. See how many people you can love today. If the thought of telling people you love that you love them seems like it would creep them out or make them wonder about you and your sanity, phrase it so they can accept it without prejudice. “I love _____ about you.” “I love your ________.” “I love how you __________.” “When you _______, I just love it!”

You will be amazed at how many lives change as a result of feeling love, in some manner, from another person. It’s not a sexual love or a romantic love, necessarily – it’s just – love.

I love people, for example. I think we are remarkable, brilliant specimens that walk this planet creating the lives we want to live. People are incredible! Start looking at your fellow people and LOVE them. Find something about each person you encounter today that you love, which can be found through other feelings like admiration, appreciation, gratitude, etc.

Feel love for the people who hold doors for you; who help you with tasks at your job; who say “Thank you” just because; who contribute something valuable to your life; who sign your paychecks; who prepare your food; who serve you at restaurants; who drive you places; who beautify your hair; who give you fierce nails; who ring up and bag your groceries; who print out your winning lottery tickets; who leave their parking spaces just as you are pulling up; who shovel snow off of your driveways and sidewalks; who clean your homes and offices; who collect your trash and recyclables; who maintain your gym equipment so you don’t hurt yourself; who are not texting while driving and actually paying attention to driving their cars; who post positive messages on social media – anyone that makes your life great deserves your love, PERIOD.

You aren’t going to run out of love to give because the amount of love you can feel and experience is immeasurable. Give it, give it, give it!

Now go brighten the days of everyone you encounter! Go on! GO LOVE!


“Today is a gift; that is why it is called the present.”

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