Friday Feelings – A New “Super” Bowl

All week long, I’ve been seeing different segments on television shows about what people are making for their Super Bowl snacks. So much airtime has been devoted to food, eating, partying, and having a good time.

I think it would be amazing if we took a different approach to the Super Bowl and used it to benefit our lives.

Using a large bowl or container of some kind, and some scrap pieces of paper, write down on each piece of paper great feelings and things that make you feel happy, excited, overjoyed, and “super.” Each time you think of one, put it in your bowl. Do this every day, multiple times per day.

Anytime you feel like life is less than grand, go to your Super Bowl and fish out a handful of happiness. Just like you would dip a potato chip into a seven layer bean dip, dip your metaphorical chip into layers upon layers of optimism and happy feelings. It’s great to do this because it is wonderful to remind ourselves about great emotions that we feel, while at the same time, finding that comfort calorie-free!

So look around for a fabulous bowl, check yourself for some fabulous feelings and get ready to make every day “super bowl” inspired!

Go Team!


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