Thursday Thought – Who’s The Food Boss in Your House?


This week we’ve been talking about what’s in our foods, how to read labels, how to shop the supermarket with tactic and skill and now it’s time to have a thought-provoking article about who is going to commandeer the changes in your household.

Chances are, if you’re the one reading this article then YOU are the shopper. YOU are the one leading the charge to get and keep you and yours on the right track when it comes to eating healthfully. And, chances are, you’re the one who the responsibility falls upon to think of a winning recipe that will use your awesome ingredients, be a crowd pleaser and also be loaded with nutrition.

With all of the crazy responsibilities we give ourselves these days, meal planning is time-consuming, arduous and usually ends up at the bottom of the list. It even suffers through experiences of total deflation when you find yourself “driving through.” I have yet to approve of a fast-food chain that has a drive-through. If you could drive through a Subway, that would be my only endorsement. Until then, what makes it worth it? What makes all that effort, all that energy and all that thought, worth it? Who is going to benefit and ultimately, who will notice?

You will. And you know what? You, noticing what you are doing for your family and for yourself, is enough. You, are awesome.

You’re pretty smart, too. And because you’re pretty smart, I bet you can figure out a way to put healthy food into your shopping cart, find healthy recipes to highlight that healthy food, be convincing to your kids and partners of why the healthy foods are the awesome foods and glorifying it all will be your own horn-tooting that you consistently provide health for the people you love and care about.

Sure, there’s always an easier way to do things. But easier doesn’t always mean better and you will ultimately decide where the value lies. But do yourself a favor – figure it out. Figure out, with that enormous, high-functioning brain of yours, how to get it done.

Work smarter, not harder. Employ your family to help prepare the meals, teach your kids how to cook, and then eventually, put them to work and “supervise” the process. Establish a “Kids Cook” night and let them get creative, using ingredients you give them, to inspire dishes that will become new family favorites. Get to the point where that new thing you’re responsible for making are “reservations.”

If you have children and they seem to always be sick – WHAT ARE THEY EATING? Do a little research and you will see that there is a direct correlation between when we eat and how we feel – especially how often we’re ill.

Now that’s food for thought.


TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! TIME FOR FRIDAY FEELINGS! This week we will be exploring how great it feels to be empowered by our newfound label knowledge, our ability to speed-read labels, to have a plan of attack when going to the supermarket and how amazing it feels to be leading a healthy lifestyle.


Chew on this: What do you have if you don’t have your health? Not much.


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