Wednesday Weight Manager – Your Supermarket Plan of Attack

Supermarket Tour!

Welcome to your Wednesday Weight Manager!

Today I am setting you up with a game plan for how you can route your supermarket adventure so you get everything you need, avoid the temptations and don’t fall prey to BOGOs that won’t serve you.

First and foremost, let’s talk about BOGOs. If you are that person who buys cookies when they are “buy one, get one” and cookies are your trigger food, DO NOT BUY THEM WHEN THEY ARE ON BOGO! No matter what you tell yourself, you will not ration them out and “be good” while enjoying the financial savings. I always recommend stocking up on items that can’t derail your dietary efforts, such as paper products and household cleaners.

To avoid temptations while getting everything you need, stick to the perimeter of the supermarket. Along the perimeter are the Bakery, (skip that) the Deli (skip that too unless you’re buying quality deli meats), Produce (load up here), Fish (shop for deals) and Poultry (fresh meats are always great). Try to avoid everything that comes in a box that can be found on an aisle, with the exception of spices, coffee and frozen vegetables.

Eat before you go so you don’t fall prey to the delicious trigger of the fried chicken that they pipe throughout the entire store via the air ducts. If you find yourself wandering down random aisles, get through the aisle as quickly as possible to the other side of the perimeter.

If you need a cut-through aisle, take a stroll through the cleaning products or dog food aisles – no chance of food triggers there!

If you arrive at the supermarket and you’re not sure which way the adventure will go on a particular day, go to the frozen food section first. As you walk down the aisle, you’ll catch a glimpse of your side profile in the freezer doors and realize that you still have work to do. If you think you’re looking pretty hot, then give yourself a nod in the freezer door’s reflection and keep walking. You may have been friends with Ben and Jerry before – but trust me – Ben and Jerry will still have plenty of friends without you.

Word to the wise – if you are an impulse shopper, pick up the item that you choose on impulse and hold it in your hand the entire time you’re in the store. Do not put it down for any reason. As you go through the store, you will find that the object you desire is constantly in your way, much like it will be should you buy it and consume it, as it will be on your body and “in your weigh” while trying to manage your weight. Feel free to leave that item anywhere in the store – just put it down – no questions asked. Then pat yourself on the back, because you just won the Impulse Challenge!

Tomorrow’s article is my Thursday Thought. The article will focus on why it is so important to give focused thought to the types of food you are purchasing for your family, as well as yourself.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Zigler

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