Monday Motivator – What’s That, In Your Food?

Supermarket Tour!

Happy Monday!

This week, each article is going to cover a different angle of what is in your food.

Today, I want this Monday Motivator to fire you up and inspire you to figure out just what is in your food!

Why do I need to know what’s in my food? Isn’t it all safe?

It’s not just a matter of safety – it’s also a matter of overall health. Sadly, the majority of the food Americans consume today is processed, engineered and “manufactured” to resemble that stuff we call food. I focus on Americans in this article because the rest of the world doesn’t allow their food to be tampered with like our FDA does. Very little of the original “food” component remains and we are left eating something that looks like what we think our food would look like in the event that we were indeed, actually eating a “whole” food.

I want to give you some insight as to why you should care about the food you put into your body.

Let’s get back to basics for a second – before there were aisles upon aisles at the supermarket of processed snacks, treats and fake crap that looks like food. The majority of Americans were not obese, let alone overweight. We ate balanced meals, we exercised and we even ate dessert.

What changed?

Growth hormones are now injected into livestock and fowl to make them grow faster, animals raised for food are raised in deplorable conditions that require the administering of antibiotics to ward off disease – and the majority of animals no longer eat what they need to naturally eat in order to grow, like grass. Nowadays, it seems the majority of animals are being rushed through their growth process just to become “food,” they are all being fed the same thing (corn) and the lesser-informed members of our population can’t understand why they have an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other weight-related illnesses and diseases plaguing their families.

“I don’t understand – we’re eating the way we always did, how our parents did, and they never had a problem. Something’s different.” Very true, in fact, a lot is different.

Since we now live in a country where more than 65% of the population is obese, which means 35% or less are at healthier weights, don’t you think that we might need to pay more attention to what is in the “food” we’re eating rather than pretending nothing’s wrong?

If you think that you should be a little more educated about what’s in your food, check out my article tomorrow in our Tuesday Trainer. I’m going to train you how to speed-read nutrition labels and ingredient panels so you know within seconds if a product should be dropped into your shopping cart or graciously given back to the shelf.

“Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” – Johnny Potrekus

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Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is a Master of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Metaphysician, Speaker, Author, Law of Attraction Expert and Health & Wellness Coach. He has the “gift of ignition” – an innate ability to spark the internal fires and personal passions in just about every person he works with. Whether it is through a motivational speech, corporate pep talk, or the keynote at your next corporate function – Johnny Potrekus is just the spark you need to ignite a raging fire throughout your organization! TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, or through his website,

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