Friday Feelings – Feeling Illnesses

How often do you get sick with a cold or the flu? Whether you get sick often or if it’s been quite a long time since the last time you were ill, how you feel about illness is strongly attracting like circumstances into your life to give you what you are feeling about.

Have you ever spoken to a friend or family member who has a sick child, and they’ve said something like, “Great, now she has the flu, so we’re all going to get it.” Or how about, “Everyone at my office is sick. I must be next!” These thoughts are powerfully putting into motion the circumstances, people and events that are required in order to give you what you are feeling and thinking about – which is SICKNESS! And then, shockingly, YOU GET SICK!

If you don’t want to be sick, the simple vaccine can be found FREE, right here:  HUSH!

HUSH the thoughts of sickness in your mind. HUSH the thoughts that determine your health based on the health or lack of health of others. HUSH the thoughts of everything negative when it comes to your health. You can hush those thoughts with thoughts of victory and positivity. “Everyone else is sick – they should think more like me and believe that only exceptional health is available. There is no such thing as sickness.” Or you could think, “Health and well-being flow throughout and around me at all times, keeping me healthy and happy at all times.”

If you believe you can be sick, you are strongly building your case to become ill.

If you do not believe you can be sick, you are strongly affirming that such a thing doesn’t exist, therefore it cannot harm you. It’s kind of like the Boogie Man when you think about it. You tell yourself as you lay in bed that the Boogie Man is not hiding in your closet because there is no such thing. Then when you build up enough determination and certainty that he does not exist, you whip those closet doors open and the only things in there are your clothes and such.

Thoughts become things and feelings are the gauge that we can use to figure out what we are predominantly thinking about. If you begin to feel ill, then you have been thinking thoughts that are aligned with illness. If you flush those thoughts and think thoughts of health and wellness, you must get what you think about the most, right?

See you on Monday for your Monday Motivator!

“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend A LOT of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” – Kevin Ngo

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Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is a Master of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Metaphysician, Speaker, Author, Law of Attraction Expert and Health & Wellness Coach. He has the “gift of ignition” – an innate ability to spark the internal fires and personal passions in just about every person he works with. Whether it is through a motivational speech, corporate pep talk, or the keynote at your next corporate function – Johnny Potrekus is just the spark you need to ignite a raging fire throughout your organization! TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, or through his website,

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