Thursday Thought – The Big Picture


Recently, one of my clients had a mini-meltdown and asked, “Why do I even bother?”

If you’ve ever set a goal that seems to be feasible when you set it but seems to grow more and more impossible as time goes on, you’ve probably had a similar outlook of “Why do I even bother?” or “What’s the point of all of this?”

If you are having thoughts like these, it is imperative that you first and foremost, start feeling good – then begin to think of The Big Picture.

The Big Picture is all-encompassing. It includes everything we want in our lives and each desire we have should be cohesive with at least one other desire we wish to have in and as our lives. When you feel frustrated or like things are not on track for you to get what you want, you need only to ask yourself, “What’s the big picture?”

The Big Picture will start playing in your mind like a slideshow of all of the great aspects of your life that you will experience when you are living your Ultimate Life!

You will see yourself as you wish to look, you’ll be at your ideal weight and you’ll be living where you want to live, traveling where you want to travel, eating what you want to eat – all because you started looking at the big picture.

The Big Picture is what keeps us focused as we go along. We often get distracted, whether a little or a lot, and we are brought back into focus by thinking of The Big Picture.

How is everything related? Is this experience going to further develop my big picture? What else do I wish for my life that will act as a motivator for me to get over this hurdle?

When you feel like you are stuck in one area of your life, just look at the other areas and how those areas are doing. Feel the productive energy from the areas that are doing well and feed that energy into the areas you’d like to improve. The positive energy you infuse into those underperforming areas will lift them to levels they’ve never seen and you will be amazed at how fantastic your life will be when you make the conscious shift.

To think about the life you want is your spiritual duty. No one and no “thing” is handing you this existence. It is all up to you – it has always been up to you – and the thoughts you think are building the life circumstances that you are experiencing. You have so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much to give to yourself and the rest of the Universe. Think of your Big Picture and keep imagining and feeling it into existence. You CAN do this – whether you realize it or not. But it all comes down whether or not you think you can.

Coming up – Friday Feelings!

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Unknown

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