Not All Carbs Are Evil

Success is measured in "bites"!

The food we put into our bodies is critical for weight management success. Sure, you can eat all the right foods and add in some exercise and get results – but are you getting the best results for your body?

With my Smart-Carb guidance, you’ll be able to begin maximizing your food power just by rearranging when you eat complex carbohydrates.

Read this carefully – NOT ALL CARBS ARE EVIL. Carbohydrates are essential to our bodies and to our energy levels and we need to eat them.

Complex Carbs – are the carbohydrates that your body has to work hard to break down. These would include the starchy carbs, like breads, pastas, grains, potatoes, rice, etc.

Simple Carbs – are the carbohydrates that your body has an easier time breaking down and can be quickly identified because they end in “-ose”; fructose, sucrose and lactose. Simple Carbs include fruit, candy, table sugar and dairy products.

The whole point of complex carbohydrates is to give you energy. It takes a lot of effort for the body to break them down, which is why you should eat these kinds of foods (if you eat them at all – I know some of you are still anti-carbs) earlier in the day. I do not recommend eating anything starchy at night. If you need to feel full at dinner, load up on the simple, non-starchy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and squash, just to name a few. While the non-starchy vegetables are still carbohydrates, they are of the simple variety and won’t take as much effort for your body to break down.

Why is this important?

Our bodies get a lot of “housework” done while we sleep. Our torn muscles are repaired, our foods that we’ve consumed are processed and our cells are rejuvenated – along with so many other vital processes needed for optimal functioning. If you give your body a heavy dinner, with heavy starches and the like – you are giving your body too much to do during its sleep cycle. While some of the food that you’ve eaten gets processed, what doesn’t get processed gets “swept under the rug” and dealt with later. On our bodies, things that get swept under the rug and hidden to be dealt with later end up showing on our bodies as fat rolls and butt-cheek dimples.

For this week, see if you can rearrange your day to MOVE the complex carbs from dinner. I bet that you will sleep better, you’ll wake feeling more refreshed, you will feel and appear less bloated and the best part is – you don’t have to give anything up! Just move it!

Coming up tomorrow, it’s our Thursday Thought!


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment – take the moment and make it perfect.” – Zoey Sayward

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