Thursday Thought – Am I Confident?


Ultimate Confidence is one of the “Ultimate Life Lessons” that I will be teaching in my upcoming Ultimate Life Seminars and it is a serious issue that most of us struggle with.

I coach on the topic of Confidence from a point of view that most people don’t – meaning, I coach from my personal confidence perspective that used to be very low that is now quite high.

Was I taught to be more confident?

Was I mentally conditioned to have more confidence?

What changed for me to feel more confident in my life and my abilities?

I was taught, like most of us, to have more confidence. People have told me how wonderful I am, how great I am at different things, etc. But did I believe them?

I have been mentally conditioned to have more confidence, in many ways.

What changed for me in my life in order to feel more confident was my belief in myself.

Throughout my entire professional career, I have encountered countless people who suffer from issues with self-confidence. Over time, it became very clear to me that a lack of confidence was a deep-rooted issue and was not something that could just be taught.

The common factor in everyone who lacked confidence was that they were so concerned with being good enough for everyone else, when deep down, they didn’t believe they were good enough for themselves. .

I was mentally conditioned to have higher confidence by the words of others and by my own conscious mental conditioning efforts. It was up to me to implement what I had learned, by believing it was true; by believing I was good enough, just because I said so.

Our personal fires are fueled by confidence. When we feel inspired, motivated, ready to take on the world – that is our confidence increasing. When we begin to question, being to doubt, begin to wonder about everything external (meaning not within ourselves and what only we think about), the fire extinguisher is on full blast and we are back to feeling a lack of confidence.

Confidence is that little voice inside you that says, “I think I can do that.” The problem is, right after we think that we can do it, we justify NOT doing because of what everyone else thinks or has thought about us, or because we fear failure.

Have you ever been told you can’t do something?

“You can’t do that – you’re too dumb.”

“You can’t do that – it’s way over your head.”

“You can’t do that – you’re a girl.”

“You can’t do that – you didn’t go to college.”

“You can’t do that – no one has ever been able to.”

“You will never be that successful – people like us just don’t do things like that.”

No matter what anyone says to you, whether it’s encouraging or discouraging, you always have the innate right to decide whether or not what is being said is true for you.

I believe that I am amazing, just because. I have done nothing to disqualify me from being amazing, which means I have every reason to consider myself to be amazing!

If you base your confidence on your lifetime achievements, you’re basing your confidence on circumstantial components rather than decisions. It is when you decide to be confident and you decide that you are good enough, JUST BECAUSE YOU EXIST, that is when you will shine for all to see – including you.


Coming up: Friday Feelings is released tomorrow! Can you “feel” the suspense?

Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is a Master of Metaphysical Science and an accomplished Metaphysician, Speaker, Author, Law of Attraction Expert and Health & Wellness Coach. He has the “gift of ignition” – an innate ability to spark the internal fires and personal passions in just about every person he works with. Whether it is through a motivational speech, corporate pep talk, or the keynote at your next corporate function – Johnny Potrekus is just the spark you need to ignite a raging fire throughout your organization! TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, or through his website,

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