Be Grateful!

beautiful thanksgiving

The next article in our “NOVEMBER” blog series is for the letter “B”, and the article today is about being grateful.

For Americans, the month of November is spent in suspense as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, which is always the last Thursday of November. This year, November 27th will be observed by every American and the spirit of the holiday will no doubt pose the question, “What are you grateful for?”

This question is so powerful and there is great magnitude hidden within it. This question should be asked more frequently than just at Thanksgiving.

“What are you grateful for?” should be asked every single day. We should ask ourselves that question, every single day, multiple times per day!

Why? What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that we live in a world where the actions of others dominate a lot of our thoughts. We are constantly bombarded by life whether in the form of social media or real time experiences happening right before us. We are constantly afforded opportunities to see things, experiences, relationships, and other items we may desire having. Instead of seeing each opportunity as an opportunity to choose those items and manifest them into physical form in their lives, a lot of people see these things as reminders of what they are lacking, rather than being reminders to be grateful for what they already have.

When we are grateful, more is given. It’s that simple. It’s the Law of Attraction and the law is irrefutable.

When we see all of these opportunities to choose what we want, if we look at them negatively (that’s breaking Guidance Directive numero uno, y’all) then we get jealous, we are envious, we dislike the people who have those things because we are reminding ourselves that we do not yet have them. Therefore, there must be significant lack in our lives. Then, some people go as far as to say that they have nothing and they never get anything.

This is simply untrue. We get what we give. If you are going to use the power of your mind to desire and attract that which you desire, then get out of your own way and stop blocking yourself from receiving it with your negative feelings!

Be grateful.

Begin each day with, “Thank you.” As you get out of bed and make your way into the shower, give thanks. Give thanks for the hot water (because we all know what it feels like when the water is cold or when it doesn’t flow), the fabulous scent of your shampoo, the thick, rich lather of your conditioner, the fresh feeling you experience while scrubbing off negativity with your loofa, the healing power of the water, the cleansing nature of the entire experience and the “alive” state you feel when your shower is over. As you dry off, use the towel to wrap yourself in goodness and blessings and think to yourself, “I am so grateful that I have so much to be grateful for.” We are blank canvases after we bathe and it is during that moment, when you look at yourself in the mirror with your wet hair, no make-up, totally raw – that you can decide that you are going to love who you are, that you are grateful for everything wonderful in your life and that you are so thrilled to be given another day to spend on our glorious planet.

Your reality is based on your focused thoughts. Whatever you are thinking about, you are bringing about. If you can find things throughout your day to be thankful for, you will continue to manifest circumstances and things in your days that provoke you to give thanks. Give it a shot.

Thanksgiving is absolutely about giving thanks for the abundance of wonderfulness that we all have. There is absolutely no reason why everyday can’t be Thanksgiving. It’s always up to you.


Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website,

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