Making Believe


Howdy! Our “NOVEMBER” article series has brought us to the letter “M” and this is one of the most important matters to discuss!

Let’s have a quick recap of what “NOVEMBER” has covered so far:

  • Ridding our lives of negativity
  • Utilizing optimism as a gateway to living in abundance
  • Understanding that gratitude is the source of vitality
  • The importance and power of experiencing outrageous joy

One of the irrefutable laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. Very simply put, like attracts like. In each article in this series, I’ve told you that what you think about, you bring about. This is on the same premise of like attracting like. Your life circumstances align with what you predominantly think about.

In order to create or manifest the life you truly desire, or as I like to call it, one’s Ultimate Life™, there are three parts we have to put into action. This is known as the Creation Process.

The first step in the Creation Process is to ASK, or THINK of your desires. Whether you desire a new car, money, retirement, a better house, a life partner, or anything else you passionately desire, your thought of said desire will create it.

The second step in the Creation Process is to BELIEVE. Believe that what you want is already yours and on its way to becoming a physical manifestation in your life. Before you instinctively cast this aside, consider all of the other life beliefs you hold without ever having seen it take shape first. BELIEVE that what you desire is yours and never question whether or not you will have it.

The third step is to RECEIVE. Receiving means that you go about your life as if you are already in possession of what it is that you desire. So, until this point, you ASK for or THINK of what you desire, BELIEVE it is yours like you know your name is yours, and RECEIVE; going about your days as if you are already in possession of what it is that you desire.

“How do I go about my life as if I already have something I’ve asked for? By pretending or something?”

Actually, yes, by MAKING BELIEVE that what you desire is already yours. When we are children, we have no problem making believe or pretending that we are superheroes, action figures, cartoons, doctors, chefs, princesses, or any other vocation – because when we are pretending, we are playing! We are imagining! We are having fun! WE ARE THINKING! Our emotional responses are positive, happy, and full of outrageous joy. When we don’t feel like being that pretend character anymore, we become something else, effortlessly.

If your life that you see before you is not what you once hoped or thought it would be, you are not doomed and you are not destined to feel sentenced to that less than fabulous existence any longer.

By CHOOSING to deliberately create your life, you are CHOOSING thoughts that are aligned with what you truly desire. If you allow me to guide you, you will begin to see huge changes in your life.

“But I have a mountain of debt, I can’t get ahead in my job and life just constantly reminds me of everything I don’t want.”

Get ready, here’s the hard truth – it’s all because of YOU. Allow me to explain. Look at that statement again. The only points of focus in that statement are negative. GUIDING DIRECTIVE #1 was to GET RID OF THE NEGATIVITY. How do you do that? BY MAKING BELIEVE!

  • Think of your mountain of debt as a mountain of cash that you’re donating to great causes. You are ALREADY in possession of that huge amount of money, in CASH! That feels awesome! Woohoo! Money! Money! Money! And, donating money feels great too, and great feelings produce more circumstances to feel great about! Consider the paying of that debt to be your generous donation to the people who work for those creditors, who so willingly and generously advanced you some money so that you could participate in living your fabulous life.
  • Stop thinking negatively about your job. You don’t have a “job” per se. Consider yourself to be a highly paid consultant offering your wisdom and expertise to the company who is paying your for your expertise. Claim control over your days by making the experience of going to that building that occupies most of your time YOUR CHOICE, not your sentence. Further, give thanks for all of the life luxuries that you are able to enjoy because you CHOOSE to walk into the building.
  • If your life seems to constantly remind you of everything you don’t want, it’s because you are STILL thinking about everything you don’t want. START thinking about everything you DO want. Why think of anything else!? To give thought to anything you don’t want is such a waste of time!

If you can MAKE BELIEVE that you are already living “the ultimate life”, then you will rid your life of negativity, live in a permanent state of optimism which will create your personal abundance in all things, fill your life with feelings of vitality and gratitude, experience outrageous joy and make yourself understand through your beliefs that the quicker you jump onboard, the quicker you WILL BE living the ultimate life.

If you read all of this and you still doubt or think, “yeah, that’s nice, but that can’t be true or work for me” – I just have to ask you this – how’s “your way of thinking” working out for you? I have an incredible life because I do everything I just taught you to do. Give it a shot – I promise you, if you do it right, your life will CHANGE!


Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website,

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