Experiencing Outrageous Joy


*Heads up – this article is a bit longer than others but I promise you it’s worth your time. Aaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

Here we are! It’s Monday! The absolute PERFECT week is at your “thought-tips” (like fingertips, but with thoughts), did you know that?

November is progressing along beautifully and so are my blog articles! So far we have disposed of negativity, found that optimism creates abundance in our lives, learned that vitality comes from gratitude and now we have arrived at the letter, “E.”

“E” is for Experiencing Outrageous Joy – which is always your choice.

We seem to lose our levels of joy somewhere along the journey. Do you feel like you spend more time being complacent and unhappy than you do when you have overwhelming feelings of outrageous joy? If you do, you are not alone.

I encounter many people on a daily basis and based on my observations of them, I often conclude that the majority of people are inconsistently joyful, or primarily unhappy.

Such feelings do not create the abundance that we all wish to have. All feelings come from thoughts.

Remember – what we think about, we bring about.

If we are not experiencing outrageous joy, and overwhelming feelings of happiness, what are we experiencing? Depression. Misery. Defeat. Anguish. Stress. Disappointment. Limitations. Say it with me – NEGATIVITY.

So you need to ask yourself, “How do I feel, right now?”

If your first mental response of how you feel does not put a comforting, calming, honest smile across your face, you are not experiencing outrageous joy.

It is absolutely imperative that you become aware of how you are feeling. You cannot adjust how you feel until you know how you feel. If you pose the question and you feel amazing, then be aware that you are feeling amazing and continue to feel the feelings and think the thoughts that you associate with feeling amazing! Feeling amazing IS VITALITY and where does vitality come from? GRATITUDE! SO “GET GRATEFUL” and be aware that you are experiencing some outrageous joy!

If you pose the question and your answers are out of line with outrageous joy, take 60 SECONDS to think about the last time you felt overwhelmed with joy. It doesn’t matter how far back in your life you may have to go in order to dig up the feeling – but you have certainly felt it and you need to locate it in your memory bank so you can recreate it. When you find it, replay that fabulous life event or circumstance in your mind, as if you are living it right now. FEEL how GREAT it FEELS to think that thought – to re-experience that event NOW – and then, with that outrageous feeling, start saying in your mind, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and fill in the end. Do it over and over until your feelings are so amazing, so incredible, so full of outrageous joy that you have expanded “Cloud 9” to “Cloud 9 Infinity Plus!”

If you are having trouble getting started with your fill-ins, here’s an example of some of mine:

  • I am so happy and grateful now that I have a beautiful home of my own.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I am always surrounded by people who love me.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I worry about NOTHING.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I am able to share my outrageous joy with others.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I am off to the Western Mediterranean in 10 days!
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I have the most wonderful family and most wonderful NEW family that I’ve gained through my husband.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I understand how the Universe works.
  • I am so happy and grateful for mentors like Rhonda Byrne, Ernest Holmes, Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Dr. Joe Vitale, Esther and Jerry Hicks and John C. Maxwell.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I am impacting the world, helping others to achieve their dreams and guiding those who choose to hear my wisdom to living their ultimate lives!

Your list of what you are happy and grateful for can be as real as you can see your hand in front of your face, or as imaginary as you wish your life to be – FOR WHAT WE IMAGINE, WE MUST BE THINKING ABOUT, WHICH MEANS WE MUST BE BRINGING IT ABOUT.

Get it?

So go make that list, whether it’s real or a dream. Everything comes from thought so you need to heed some guidance and refresh your memory.

Go back to the beginning of this “NOVEMBER” article series and print them out. Study them. Read them. Make it your reality. I love hearing from folks who have lent me their ears that they listened to my guidance and their lives have changed – giving them everything they want.

Think I’m full of it? You’re forgiven. Check this out:

When I first opened my personal development firm, I worked with an awesome client who had major self-esteem issues and all she wanted was to be loved. She wanted a boyfriend. She wanted someone to love her as much as she was willing to love them. During our sessions, I coached her to increase her self-esteem, and taught her that she shouldn’t just want some guy to love her – she should want THE guy to love her. Who was he? Where was he? What traits should he possess? I had her make a list of ten characteristics that she wanted in her ideal guy. She wrote it down and said she wanted him in her life by the end of that calendar year. She made the list in the beginning of the summer and by her birthday, in the middle of September, he had appeared in her life. He absolutely adored her and he was able to adore her because SHE found a way to adore herself. Together they are experiencing outrageous joy. What happened to them? I’m overjoyed to share that they are engaged and are marrying in February of 2015. Fluke? I think not.

I had the same conversation about the list with an acquaintance (who is now a dear friend) last December about itemizing her ideal guy – I found out two weeks ago that SOMEONE listened to Johnny and made herself a list. Guess what. The guy from her list waltzed into her life and now THEY are engaged to be married within the year. BAM!

Need one more?

I personally benefitted from my own advice. Duh – makes sense, right? In the Summer of 2013 I too, made my list. I wrote down every last detail of my dream husband in my journal. Just like I always had, I signed the bottom of the page, “With ultimate gratitude, Johnny” and I turned the page. I began to go on dates and I was disappointed after every date. I never felt defeated but I was absolutely aware and on the lookout for “him.” On October 8, 2013, while at the gym, I received an email from Match.com, with a new match. The email said he found me “intriguing.” I opened his profile and thought, “Well hot damn, he lives 10 miles away from me!”

I was floored. I nearly fell off the treadmill. THIS guy is who I’ve been looking for. To the best of my abilities while still in motion on the treadmill, I wrote him an email and anxiously anticipated his response. He replied and we met two days later after spending hours talking on the phone. When we arrived for our date, the minute we locked eyes my breath was gone and my legs turned to jelly. I knew, in that very moment, the man who stood before me was “him.”

Of course our date was incredible. While we ate, I kept referring to him finding me “intriguing” since Match.com said that he found me to be intriguing. He looked perplexed. “What, you don’t find me intriguing?” “I find you intriguing, but you’re saying it like I’ve said it before.” “Well, Match.com said you found me intriguing.” “I don’t understand how that could be, since you emailed me before I ever saw your profile.” Wait a minute. I saw him first? Apparently, Match.com (or the UNIVERSE) was playing matchmaker and I was led to believe that he had seen my profile and clicked the “Like” or “Intrigued” button on the website. That was not the case. He “appeared” in my Inbox and never even knew I existed. How’s that for powers greater than us?

Our beautiful relationship would take shape over the next couple months and one day I was going through my things and I came upon the journal I had finished at the end of the summer. I was fanning through, reviewing my year, and I flipped to a page with a list on it. I went down the list of what I desired in my ideal guy and matched every itemization up with him. What I had guided others to do just turned into a fairytale for me. I am beyond thrilled to share that we married on September 12 in a private ceremony in Sonoma, California and life is just perfect. MY LIFE is a nonstop experience of outrageous joy, because I consciously choose to experience outrageous joy, at all times. I do not wish to spend any of my precious time on anything other than outrageous joy – it’s too precious and it feels INCREDIBLE! I AM SO HAPPY FOR ME! You should be so happy for you!

Let’s review:

Thanksgiving is about GIVING and being grateful for what you have been GIVEN. In order to get, you must give. You have to give first. That’s how it works. Don’t argue – just give. Watch how fast you get. Trust me – I’m Johnny.

  • GET rid of the negativity
  • GET optimistic to create your fabulous personal abundance
  • GET grateful to create your vitality
  • GET experiences of outrageous joy by choosing to be joyful and happy NOW
  • GET everything you desire by trusting someone who knows these things!


All you have to do is: get grateful; feel outrageous; repeat. Your life will take the shape of “AWESOME” and you will smile every time you see it happen and you think to yourself, “Well I’ll be! Johnny was right!”

I’m Johnny, and I’m right. GO BE FABULOUS!

Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing Johnny@goteamjohnny.com, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website, www.goteamjohnny.com

©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2014 All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Experiencing Outrageous Joy

  1. Johnny..that was truly a fantastic read! I am so glad you have found your dream man as I have found mine.Two years and still loving every day with him!!!

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