The Vitality of Gratitude


So far, for the month of November, I have written about ridding one’s life of negativity, choosing optimism to create abundance, and this article will focus on the incredible life that living in a permanent state of gratitude can produce.

Vitality is an awesome word; it means so much! It’s a life force, the power that gives continuance to life, the power to live or grow, it discerns between living and dead, and it has everything to do with one’s physical and mental energy.

While this “NOVEMBER” article series focuses on teaching you how to better your existence, two huge components of living the ultimate life are understanding and practicing Gratitude.

What are you grateful for? Think about that for a moment before reading on. If your reaction to that question is kind of ‘blah’, and just the problems and issues of your life are what come to mind, then you are not living in a state of gratitude – and you are certainly not experiencing the ultimate level of vitality.

“Well, my thoughts and feelings are all over the place. My life is kind of a mess. How do I know if I am on the right track toward vitality?”

The following lists have words that are synonymous and antonymous with vitality. Which list do you most identify with?

You are on the right track to experiencing a life full of vitality if you feel that your daily attitude toward life contains:

  • Drive
  • A get-up-and-go outlook
  • Life
  • Liveliness
  • Power
  • Pulse
  • Zest

You are not yet on the track to vitality if you are:

  • Apathetic
  • Feeling that your life “lacks” a lot of what you want
  • Lazy
  • Weak
  • Lethargic
  • Dull
  • Idle
  • Indifferent
  • Lifeless

Having vitality for life comes from a deep, honest belief of gratitude. When you can identify every single thing you are grateful for, you are giving thanks. When you are giving thanks, you are acknowledging that your life is abundant, which contradicts any and all feelings of lack. You can’t feel lack when you are overwhelmed with abundance! When you are grateful for everything in your life, you are powerfully attracting more of those great things and circumstances to your life which will continue to give you a fabulous life!

To create vitality in your life, begin each day, the moment your eyes open from sleep, posing the question, “What am I grateful for?” As you get out of bed, go to the bathroom, take a shower, primp and prepare – fill your mind with answers to the question until you cannot possibly name another thing to be grateful for. It sure beats pointing out everything you’re unhappy with or disliking! If you run out of things to name, just look around you. How would you feel if the landscape around you changed? It sounds silly to some, but if you live in a beautiful area, how would you feel if that area suddenly looked like the bomb-ridden streets of Syria or another area experiencing devastation and unrest? I bet your tune will change real quickly and you will start appreciating the landscape around you.

If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean, GO SEE IT! Give thanks that you live so close! Consider how many people do not live anywhere near an ocean, let alone a beautiful part of the ocean that YOU have access to. Life is so full of beautiful, amazing things and all we have to do is open our eyes and actually SEE life for the amazing essence that it is. Get your face out of your phone, stop looking down when you walk, get those eyes up and ears open to see and hear the wonderment that surrounds you at all times! You’re missing out!

Bottom line – get grateful. Don’t just get grateful around Thanksgiving or holidays. Get grateful year round. As you can spout off the list of things you have to do in your life, from job tasks to household chores, you should be able to spout off a list of what you’re grateful for with as much ease, if not more.

Gratitude creates Vitality. Vitality comes from Gratitude. Do you want to live the ultimate life? The ultimate life is not dull, boring, idle, lifeless or indifferent; it is powerful, forceful, lively, has a pounding pulse, zest and excitement. Get grateful and get out there to claim your Vitality!

Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website,

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