Optimism Creates Abundance


In my previous article, “Negativity is GONE!,” I explained why it is so important to get rid of everything negative in one’s life. In this article, I will explain why it is optimism that creates an abundance of greatness.

When we are optimistic, we are choosing to look at things through a positive filter. Rather than looking at life through the negative filter, where everything is dark, gloomy and gray, we look through the positive filter where everything is bathed in sunlight, peace reigns supreme and our daily feelings are immeasurably joyful.

When we are negative, we are powerfully attracting more circumstances that are laden with negativity to us. When we have an optimistic outlook, that outlook stems from the planted seed of positivity and will continue to grow into a plethora of goodness for us to enjoy.

How does one begin to be optimistic? It’s simple. Optimism is a choice. One has to choose to be optimistic and such a choice disallows the presence of any negative thinking. If negative thinking should enter the mind, one has to choose to change the frequency of their thoughts from negative to positive. It would be quite a task to try to control every thought we have, since researchers have said that we have more than 60,000 thoughts per day, so we don’t need to be so assertive in controlling every thought. However, for one to be optimistic, one needs to choose to think positively as often as possible so they would be operating on the positive frequency, which means that when one happens to think a negative thought, they just need to think a positive thought as quickly as possible to get back on the track of positive thinking so their optimism can create their personal abundance.

Life is meant to be abundant. We were not born to suffer. Any limited thinking on your part about what you are capable of and what your life can amount to exists solely because you think it does. You are the only one who can place limitations on yourself, your abilities and your life capacity. Since that’s the case, it’s very easy to change! Get rid of the negativity, get rid of every thought that you have ever produced because of the negative opinion of someone else!

This is YOUR life and YOU are in charge. CHOOSE to be optimistic and watch your life flourish with all things abundant!

Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing Johnny@goteamjohnny.com, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website, www.goteamjohnny.com

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