Negativity is GONE!


For the next two weeks, TeamJohnny will be posting articles written in the spirit of gratitude. Using the word “November”, we will take a journey together that is initiated by each letter of the word. We will use the word “November” to “remember” to be grateful.

This article is about ridding one’s life of negativity. As the Law of Attraction explains, what you think about, you bring about. If your life is laden with negativity, your thoughts must be negative. If your life is abundant with positivity, your thoughts must be positive. If your life is a mix of the two and you seem to endlessly struggle for balance at least, while trying to obtain ultimate positivity, your thoughts are simply all over the place.

A lack of determination, control and focus over one’s thoughts are the reasons why thoughts are all over the place, and most of the time, negative. Most people are plagued by the “Negative” epidemic and have been for centuries. We are constantly told what is impossible, why things are not, why they cannot be and why we should not want what we truly desire. Negative, negative, negative. And so, true to form, when negativity is what our lives are centered around, that is all we are going to see.

Because of our social reconditioning, (yes, reconditioned – we weren’t born with limited thinking or any limitations whatsoever) we are told how to think and the way we think has unraveled our lives. In order to regain control over how we think and how we get what we want in our lives, we need to be determined, in control and always focused when it comes to our thoughts.

For a lot of us, choosing to get rid of negativity is seen as work. In order to get rid of something, we have to first acknowledge that it exists. In order to acknowledge that something exists, we have to take responsibility. Sometimes, taking responsibility for one’s own negative thinking is a tough pill to swallow – but when you can get beyond your ego trip and you can honestly say, “Yes, I have been negative”, the walls will come down and you can start working on turning your thoughts to the positive frequency.

Positive Thinking is huge. It does require an immense level of determination to think positively, speak positively, act positively and carry oneself in a positive fashion. You cannot possess any of these positive traits that will work in your favor as long as you are trash talking others, gossiping, complaining, throwing yourself pity parties and commiserating with others about how awful things are. That only leads to more circumstances of such awfulness to talk about! You have to be determined to be in control of what your thoughts are focused on. Yes, this takes work, in the beginning, but when you see the rewards of positive thinking, you too, will live the ultimate life.

I used to be very negative. I used to complain all the time. I used to think that my life was a sentence and that the Universe was laughing at me because I was “serving time” for something I did in a past life. This “life sentence” was Cosmic Karma ruling my life and destroying me. Then I came across this irrefutable Law of Attraction and my life completely changed. THE VERY MINUTE that I understood that I was the reason for all the nonsense, all the chaos, all the bullcrap in my life – I knew that I had to change how I thought. I had to change how I felt about my life. I had to change my opinion of what the Universe was giving me, since what the Universe was giving me, was WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT!

When I began to demonstrate determination in controlling my thoughts, life got so much better, so rapidly. When I could call myself out for being negative and consciously acknowledging that I had to change what I was thinking about and how I was feeling, the moodswing that had lasted for days at a time would be over in an hour or less. When I felt horrible, I had to smack myself across the face to “snap out of it” because continuing to feel horrible and think horrible thoughts would simply generate more of that in my life. I said, “HELL NO!” I only want fabulousness in my life. Well, in order to have everything that equates to fabulousness in one’s life, one has to think FABULOUS thoughts.

Do you want to feel FABULOUS? Do you want to look FABULOUS? Do you want to have the energy of a FABULOUS person? Then it’s up to you – you have to THINK, FABULOUS THOUGHTS!

For me, NEGATIVITY IS GONE! Get the hell out of my life because there is only room for positivity here! Buh-bye! How much longer are you going to allow negativity to rule your life?


Johnny Potrekus, M.Msc is the President and owner of TeamJohnny, Inc., which is a personal coaching and development firm dedicated to enlightening and empowering clients to live their best lives. TeamJohnny, Inc. is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. He can be reached by emailing, via telephone at 561-536-6316 or through his website,

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