Finding Your Happy

The beliefs that people have about happiness are ridiculous, to say the least.

“Well, I’m not happy – what are you going to do about that?” Nothing. YOUR happiness is YOUR job.

“Everyone else thinks that their wants and needs are so important. No one thinks of me and what I want.” And by making that statement, neither do YOU. You need to consider YOUR needs and YOUR wants, FIRST; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Your being happy is no one’s responsibility but your own.

If you are miserable, it’s because you choose to be miserable.

If you are moody, it’s because you choose to be moody.

If you are aggravated, it’s because you chose to allow yourself to become aggravated and you also control how long you stay aggravated.


“Well, how am I supposed to be happy when no one else is making me happy?”

First of all, scroll up and re-read everything to this point. Second, just like how you feel every other way – miserable, moody, aggravated – you simply CHOOSE to feel happy. Just cool it with the complaining and the negativity for a minute and just hush! Yeah, I’m talking to you. Shhhhhh….

Now: think of times in your life when you were happy – and ONLY when you were happy. Don’t think about why, don’t think about how – just think about the times you felt the feelings of happiness. When one recollection begins to fade or drift into something potentially negative, go right into another thought of a time in your life when you were happy. Focus on how it feels to recall that memory. Think of how it feels to be reminded of such joyous, happy times. Now understand that you just felt happy. Well gosh golly – how ‘bout that!?

Happiness is not a fleeting emotion that is only available to people with certain life circumstances. Understanding Metaphysics the way that I do, the people who seem to be happy because of the lives they lead WERE HAPPY TO BEGIN WITH. BECAUSE THEY WERE HAPPY, their life circumstances KEEP them happy, however that looks.

Have you ever noticed how when you’re having a bad day it just seems like the entire Universe decided to take a massive dump and you’re the only one standing in the landing zone with a giant target painted on your back? Have you ever wondered how many negative thoughts and how many hours of negative thinking you did to grant you such VIP access to that landing zone? Those other people with those fabulous lives – they’ve never even heard of the landing zone and if they have heard of it, and even if they’ve spent time in their own landing zone, they decided at some point to CHOOSE to be happy NO MATTER WHAT and they were escorted out of the landing zone by the gatekeepers of the Universe and were locked out, never to return, and never to be dumped on again.

Because I want you to really get this, and really understand it, let’s review:

No one can make you happy EXCEPT you.

No one else is responsible for your happiness and does not deserve blame for not making you happy.

Keeping you happy is YOUR job – not your spouse’s, not your parent’s, not your boss’s – nope. “It’s all you, babe.”

You have a choice: You can either be a miserable S.O.B or you can be the happiest-most fulfilled-heart is overflowing with happiness and joy – loving – caring – doting – compassionate – giving – fantastic person to grace the planet. I choose to be the latter.

As you go through today and every day, I want you to understand that every thought you have ever had about why you can’t be happy is pure and utter bullcrap and that you’re wrong. I’M RIGHT. Get used to it, it happens. See – I made you smile. THAT’S HAPPINESS! DUH!!!!!



Keep an eye peeled for my next article, where I will take my cue from the three R’s of Recycling – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – to share with you some methods of success I’ve personally had with “trashing my negative” and “recycling my happiness.”

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Johnny Potrekus, Msc.M
Twitter @johnnypotrekus

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