Wednesday Wisdom – “Check” Yourself

Check in with yourself

For today’s WEDNESDAY WISDOM, I would like to share with you some wisdom of the amazing Dr. Paul Leon Masters. This is an excerpt from one of his publications:

• MAINTAIN A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE in your conscious mind during your daily activities.

• DO NOT ACCEPT A NEGATIVE CONDITION occurring in your life as a reality in your mind. React by taking positive, constructive thought on how to improve the condition.

• NULLIFY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS as soon as they enter your mind. Don’t allow them to return unchecked into your subconscious mind as realities.

• REGARD YOUR EVERY THOUGHT AS A TELEPATHIC MAGNETIC ENERGY that can draw, or repel, good and happiness.

• DON’T TALK NEGATIVELY in casual conversations. Those with whom you speak will build up an image of you in their minds as a “loser,” and in so doing, propel the telepathic negative magnetism to larger numbers.

• CHOOSE NEW FRIENDS WHO HAVE A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Avoid those who continually wish to see only the dark side of life.

• WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH OTHERS, MAKE ONLY POSITIVE STATEMENTS that lead them to mentally accept and view you as a winner.

• TAKE TIME EACH DAY TO PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Program your mind to have a positive self-image. Also, program the goals you wish to achieve.

• PROGRAM YOUR MIND TO BELIEVE AND ACCEPT THAT WHAT YOU WISH TO ACHIEVE IS ALREADY YOURS. Acceptance in your mind of an already accomplished reality creates a powerful mental magnetism in the mind that more readily draws to you, telepathically, that which you desire.

• LIVE, ACT, AND ABOVE ALL, THINK AND FEEL LIKE A PERSON WHO ALREADY HAS THAT WHICH IS DESIRED. This attitude builds an irresistible mental telepathic magnetism in your mind for drawing to you, that which you desire.

Your life is YOURS. Make sure you “check” yourself so you can live your best life yet!

Johnny Potrekus, Msc.M
Twitter @johnnypotrekus


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