Refocus the Lens

Refocus the Lens
Refocus the Lens

I’ve recently gained an interest in photography, beyond the daily dabble and I thought of a great perspective relative to photography and weight loss/weight management.

Whether you are just starting to lose weight or you have lost all of the weight you wished to lose and are maintaining your new body, this is for you:

We are not perfect but we should always aim to be the best versions of ourselves imaginable.
If you can imagine it, it already exists.

If you have slacked on your efforts a little, it’s just like a lens of a camera getting out of focus. You don’t have to power down, remove the lens, put the camera back in its case and come back another day – all you have to do is take a deep breath, exhale, and readjust your eye through the viewfinder and adjust your focus. Sometimes the focus is perfect, but the subject needs some adjusting.

Be careful – if you look at the subject in the photo and begin to nitpick everything wrong with the layout, you will only frustrate yourself further and want to power down, remove the lens, put the camera back in its case and come back another day.

Instead, notice what could be improved and how those improvements can be made. Make the simple adjustments, refocus the lens and fire that shutter.

We are so immediate to pick out everything that is wrong with us, wrong with our goals, wrong with our lives, wrong with the people we care about, and most of the time we are just overreacting and all we need is a little refocusing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what will your next photo say about you and your life? Would it say so many more wonderful things if you just refocused?

Will there even be a picture if you don’t shoot, put the camera away and give up?

Some of the best photo-ops are candid, spur of the moment shots that are unplanned but exist because of the environment they are taken in.

Be creative!
Create the lifestyle environment that you wish to live in and refocus as often as necessary to continue to create the environment that will give you the best-captured candid moments of your life.

Johnny Potrekus, Msc.M
Twitter @teamjohnnyusa

©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2014 All Rights Reserved.


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