Truth in Testimonials

TeamJohnny’s latest Testimonial comes from the UBER-SUCCESSFUL DAYNA CHARLES!!! THANKS, DAYNA!

“Johnny Potrekus was instrumental in helping me change my life through health, fitness and a new relationship with food.

I found TeamJohnny through a weight-loss group. Johnny personally led me on my weight loss journey through empathy, humor and dedication. He understood every emotion that I experienced because he had “been there”. Not only did he understand how hard it was to lose a large amount of weight, he understood the more crucial stuff. He knew how hard it would be to keep it off, but more importantly, he knew how I would have to create a new me, a new understanding of myself and a new understanding of how the world would treat me.

I never knew what it was like to be a ‘normal’ size. I never shopped in ‘normal’ stores, was never looked at by strangers as ‘normal’ and never ‘fit in’, literally and figuratively. I wasn’t losing weight to go back to a place I liked, a place that was comfortable. I was going to a very mysterious place – a place where not I would fit in the seats, as well as with the people. In this new, mysterious place, people didn’t look away anymore. Sales ladies actually hurry to try to help me when clothes shopping. People don’t look in my shopping cart and judge anymore; now they ask me where I work out.

Johnny’s understanding of this mystery world helped me see that it was indeed my world, I deserved to live in it and that I CAN actually lead it! Perhaps the best advice Johnny ever gave me was to find what he called, “non-scale victories”, which are everyday occurrences that make you feel victorious, no matter what a scale says. My weight loss journey was not a yo-yo; it was a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. I would lose seven pounds in one week, then gain weight for the next two weeks, then lose weight for the next three weeks and then become stagnant, and then up and down, etc. Johnny always pointed out that the general trend was downward.

160 pounds later, he was right!!! That’s right! I LOST HALF OF ME and I have him to thank. Focusing on “non-scale victories” as opposed to being a slave to the scale numbers helped me realize that my self-worth was not dependent on a number, no matter how big or small. My self-worth came from: running a 5k without stopping; shopping in a department store and not even looking for the plus-size department; being told “I hate you” by a girl in the makeup department at a store I frequented because I, “keep getting skinnier”.

Now I realize that ALL of my days are “non-scale victories”. I still struggle from time to time, but I remember the things Johnny said to me throughout my journey, I look at old and new photos of myself, I look at old and new photos of Johnny and I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO WIN!”

-Dayna Charles

Johnny Potrekus
Metaphysical Practitioner
Personal Development Coach
Twitter @teamjohnnyusa


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