“Post it” Everywhere

How did your day start this morning?
Did you end up in front of your bathroom mirror for a while, going through the usual laundry list of things you dislike about your body?

Just about everyone has been in that situation. We are so critical, so picky and so hateful toward our bodies and ourselves for how we live our lives. It seems that we are never good enough. We strive to look like a magazine cover which is completely manufactured and false, we compare ourselves to others in our lives who we are nothing like and strive to emulate them, and we allow ourselves to think failing thoughts that do nothing but hurt our egos in the end.

Why can’t we just accept that we are who we are and go forward with our lives? Why can’t we smile when we look in the mirrors and reflective surfaces that surround us on a daily basis? Why do we shy away from facing ourselves?

If you have this notion in your head that your happiness with yourself depends on what others think of you, you will never feel what true self-content feels like and you will never truly be happy. If you allow yourself to become disgruntled and dissatisfied with the way you live your life because of external sources, your life will forever be a canvas covered with the slopped-on paint from other people that bears no abstract meaning at all.

Take control of your life. If you look in a mirror and decide that you dislike some things about yourself, ask if you’re being too critical or if the things you dislike can be altered. Next, ask why you want them to change.

If you’re overweight and want to be thinner, yes, you can lose weight. If you are at a healthy weight and want to lose weight to look like someone else, think long and hard about that – why do you want to be someone else, rather than just your healthy self?

You, as you are right now – you are enough. You are just who you are meant to be, at this particular moment in your life. We should always strive to be better versions of ourselves, but we should never knock ourselves or put ourselves down. We are all works in progress.

To further this concept of being works in progress, I strongly advise that you grab a deck of sticky notes and write on each note, “I am a work in progress – and I’m okay with that.” Once you’ve written the note, “post it” around your spaces. From the refrigerator, to the mirrors in your home, to the backside of the sun visor in your car that you flip down for the commute to work and the commute home, to the inside of your gym bag placed with care on top of your towel, to the inside of your iPad case, to the inside of your purse, to the wallpaper you created for your cell phone, etc. Wherever you need to “post it” to remind you that you are awesome, do it!

The only way your life is going to be awesome is if you make it that way. Stop waiting for other people to lift you up or put you down. Take the controls and decide when to be uplifted and to decide if you want to come down. By being the controller, if you find yourself coming down you can just push up on the joystick and raise yourself back up.


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