Psychological Toxicity



Psychologically, you damage yourself by accepting thoughts of failure. Failure thoughts become patterns in your subconscious mind, providing no resolve to current situations and seemingly add more frustration and undesired events to your future.

I have said time and time again that what we think about, we bring about. While this is proven every day by the circumstances of our lives, few people actually know and understand the damage they can cause by how they think. Our thoughts are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.

If your habitual thinking is a daily expectation that your life is awful and your days are going to be full of undesired chaos, please stop acting so surprised when your days are actually awful and filled with undesired chaos. Failure thoughts are strong frequencies of thought to possess and by thinking that everything is susceptible to negative situations and events, your life will quickly take the shape of one that is ridden with negativity and repetitive instances of depictions of failures.

“I just wish I could get ahead of the problems instead of having to put out fires everywhere I turn.”

I hear this from many people from many walks of life.

Guess what! YOU CAN!

Realize that the problems/life fires that need extinguishing exist only because of YOU and how you thought about them. If you expect fires to ignite, they will. If you expect peace and calm, you will quickly build a life that epitomizes peace and calm. Everything in life happens because of how we react to other things happening. The sequence has to change somewhere – why not lead the change?

Here are some examples of statements I’ve witnessed people making to others that caused friction and furthered negativity:

“Well, we wouldn’t be in this mess if you hadn’t done that.”
“You complain about everything! You are so ungrateful!”
“You can’t do that – you’re not smart enough.”
“What an ugly dress – did you get dressed in the dark?”

While there are valid points in each statement, nothing positive can come from these words, which means that the sequence of negative reactions will continue. Think before speaking, and these statements (upon being positively edited) can further your life, add positivity and begin to reduce the amount of negativity plaguing your life, ultimately resulting in total elimination of negativity.

“While we didn’t anticipate having to deal with this, this is a minor obstacle and if we work together, we can certainly find a solution.” (Change: The bickering won’t get you anywhere. Discard any negative reactions and move forward with progressive, positive thinking.)

“I know you don’t hate everything – tell me one thing you love about it. Now tell me one more. Now tell me another.” (Change: By asking what the other person loves about whatever they seem to be complaining about, you are demonstrating to them as well as to you that they do, in fact, love certain things and are habitually choosing to complain. They just need some conditioning to see the positive things they love, which they will being to see from your prompting them.)

“If your heart is set on achieving that, go for it!” (Change: While you may not think they are able to succeed, what you think about their abilities doesn’t matter. What matters is that they have shared a goal with you and are hoping that someone will tell them to go for it. Be that someone and cheer them on! Who knows – they may surprise you!)

“We should go shopping sometime. There’s this really cute store I’d love to show you!” (Change: The intent is to offer some guidance, indirectly, to someone who you feel needs it. If your attempt to show someone else a way to enhance their life doesn’t stick, try a couple more times without forcing your views upon them and see if they implement positive changes. If they choose to delay enhancing their life, you have not failed. Your attempt was to offer guidance and by sharing such experiences with them, you have achieved your goal. Give them time to decide what they want.)

Spiritually, negative thoughts are putting extreme negative circumstances ahead of you and molding your future for hardship and struggle. Stop damaging yourself by feeding on negativity day after day. Swap everything negative for something positive and watch your life bloom into a beautiful garden of opportunities for happiness! A positive attitude goes with the flow and is open to intuitive leadership. A positive attitude does not accept defeat!
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