Battling for Happiness?

My food addiction is a never-ending struggle and I’m aware of and okay with that. Food addicts have it tougher than alcoholics, smokers, drug addicts, etc. – you can’t just “quit” food; you can “quit” everything else. While life may seem like Hell on Earth while going through the stages of withdrawals, having to control urges and moderate one’s usage of the “food drug” on a daily basis can be pure torture. Always getting a taste and making sure it doesn’t turn into an episode of binging is extremely difficult. Alcoholics quit drinking altogether because it’s just that taste that can trigger them to “fall off the wagon” and thus, they are disallowed any drinking whatsoever. Drug addicts have to quit using altogether because it just takes one more time to become a regular user again and potentially, overdose. You can’t overdose on something you don’t use. Yet, there again, is that damn drug no one talks about in such a manner – food. I can’t just stop eating because after a period of time, the body will shut down and die. I have to eat and so do you. If you are a recovering alcoholic or drug user in need of a friend who understands your pain and your struggles – hit up an Overeaters Anonymous meeting or another group meeting that provides support to people who are addicted to food. We truly understand and go through exactly what you do, every day.

What are we all supposed to do about it? How do we ensure that we continue to win the battles?


Become aware of “you.”
What do you want?
What do you need?
Who do you want?
Who do you need?
What don’t you want?
What don’t you need?
Who don’t you want?
Who don’t you need?

When you can get clear about what it is that you actually want in your life, the direction to follow becomes much clearer and you are able to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. However, if you keep yourself in a state of existence that just promotes a circular recycling of negativity, you will continue to see circumstances in your life depictive of everything you don’t want – which can equate to struggles, hardships and a constant battles for happiness.

Happiness doesn’t come from battles. Happiness comes from choices. Primarily, the choice to be happy is the choice that most ignore. Other people cannot make you happy. Outside circumstances or life events cannot make you happy. How you react to other people and other life events is what makes you happy. Your happiness depends solely on you and how you react to life. If you seem to be plagued with negativity at every turn, pretend if you have to – pretend that everything negative is amazing and positive! When we were children we pretended all the time, before we learned about logic and reasons pertaining to why something could or could not be. It turns out that anyone who told us that something was impossible was just passing on false beliefs to us that they were taught from seemingly credible sources. What you think about, you bring about; even if you have to pretend to get yourself on a level of believing that your life is everything you’ve ever imagined it to be, you first have to imagine it to be, don’t you?
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